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Black and white etching of Trinity Church from Spring Street

"To Julie Sheldon" - lower right. 
"Etching made 1937. Dominica B.W.I. Village of Cochrane way up the imperial road of the way to the rain forest. 'The Valley'. Etching by William H. Drury. A...

Detailed etching depicting an unidentified house in the countryside with farmland surrounding it. Some sort of well in front yard. Smaller buildings can be seen beside and behind main house. Forest...

Etching depicts five men lounging at entrance to an old boat shop looking over the harbor. Written in pencil in lower left hand corner, "An Old Rendezvous, Newport" and in lower right hand corner: ...

Detailed etching of scene of Pentecost with the Holy Spirit coming down from the heavens with raining flames from the clouds. Sixteen figures gather around the spectacle each with individualized fa...

Etching of quotidien scene depicting a street with houses lining both sides and people going about their regular activities.

Inscribed, "G.A.R. 81"

Landscape scen of heavily etched trees.

Embossed label, "Estate of Florence BGS Carlsen."

"Handprinted/R Poska" on back.

Landscape scene of large trees in center with a farmhouse and hilly scenery in background. Very delicate etching in entire scene except for darker trees.

Embossed label, "Estate of Flor...

Etching with three images on same plate. On right there is a still life of a coffee pot/tea kettle. On the left at the top there are two hooded figures walking. On the left at the bottom there is a...

Etching of a contraption.

Embossed label, "Estate of Florence BGS Carlsen."

"Handprinted/R Poska" on back.

Etching of field flanked by a hill on one side and a forest of flowing trees on the other.

Embossed label, "Estate of Florence BGS Carlsen."

"Handprinted/R Poska" on back.

Still life depicting two vases set on a table or floor with leaves next to them. Detailed and intricate cross-hatching in background and on smaller vase.

Embossed label, "Estate of Flor...

Small watercolor painting of a large sailboat in Newport Harbor. Details are done in graphite. Other ships, docks and town in background.

Inscribed, "J.P.N."

Extremely detailed etching depicting five men in a boat yard or covered wharf overlooking a harbor. Possibly Newport Harbor and Goat Island. Tall ships and buildings stand in the background. The fo...

Copy of an etching of the First Baptist Meeting House of Warren with pedestrians. Label on back.

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