• Manuscript image
  • Vol.1674B, p. 4
  • Vol.1674B, p. 13
  • Box 43A, Folder 26, Item 48 Mereah Brenton Coggeshall
  • Vol.821, p. 28
  • Vol. 1660, Marriages,1792-1829
Voices from
the NHS Archives
Through this page, you can explore some of the people and organizations recorded in our archives, with an emphasis on the names and stories of individuals of African and Indigenous descent who lived in Newport during the 17th-19th centuries.

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This database contains thousands of individuals—including enslaved, manumitted, and free people of African and Indigenous descent, enslavers, and slave traders—who lived and worked in Newport during the era of slavery. While the documentary record is often fragmentary, for some of these individuals we can paint a more detailed picture of their lived experiences, livelihoods, and webs of association. These records will be continually updated as we study the documents in our archive to recover the stories of Black and Indigenous Newporters.

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About This Project

Voices from the NHS Archives is an expansive research project that centers Black and Indigenous experiences recovered from the manuscript collection at the Newport Historical Society. This database contains highly searchable digital records that will allow members of the public and researchers alike to easily navigate some of the documents in our collection to explore the lives and stories contained within. The online database incorporates church records, business papers, ships logs, colonial medical records, census records, custom house records and more; it is constantly updated as research continues.

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The development of this project was made possible by a grant from the van Beuren Charitable Foundation. Peoples of the Historical Slave Trade served as the guide and inspiration for the ontology and concept of this database.