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Portrait painting of Mrs. Henry Audley Clarke, nee Frances Randolph Wood. Bust portrait of woman with short white hair; hazel eyes and thin lips; wearing black dress with white lace and v-shaped neckl...
circa 1900

Portrait painting of Mr. Henry Audley Clarke (1863-1947). Bust portrait facing right; short grey hair, beard and moustache darker than hair (light brown). Black jacket, white collar and blue tie with ...

Silver coin awarded in 1894 to George T. Douglas by the Newport Horticultural Society. Coin shows the Old Stone Mill on front with words "Newport Horticultural Society Organized Jan 1890" around perim...
circa 1915

A color postcard depicting Newport (Easton's) Beach. Several striped tents are seen on the beach, and many people are lounging in in the sand. A few cabanas can be seen at far left; at far right, a ro...
1760 – 1780

Mahogany and chestnut chest-on-chest with ogee pediment, made by John Townsend. Four drawers in lower chest, three large and two small drawers in upper chest. Fluted bowl finials on fluted plinths, cl...

"Cromwellian" style side chair; wooden baluster-turned front legs, rear stiles and front stretcher; leather upholstery attached to upper back and seat by brass tacks. Reproduction of #01.266.
1821 – 1871

Nightstick made of wood w/ a hole near the top of the handle, evidently for a strap or cord for hanging it. It was used by William Henry Cranston (1821-1871), Mayor of Newport, 1857-1866.
November 29 1971

Newport Daily News negative of the 'Christmas in Newport Committee' at the home of Captain and Mrs. J. Christian Myers of 40 Division Street. The photograph also pictures James T. Douglas, Mrs. Mary H...

A photograph of group of men in bathing costumes standing on Bailey's Beach, including Arthur Iselin, Gordon Douglas, Fred Davies, Edgar Phillips, Austin Gray, Townsend Burden, and others. The photogr...
apron (main garment)
2007.14 AB
apron (main garment)
circa 1900 – 1948

Ivory masonic apron and woven case. Apron is square with triangular overlay. Tie is linen fabric tape. Case is rectangular fabric with pink and green floral motif.

Plate 12 of a series of Newport maps, taken from the 1883 City of Newport Atlas, published by G.M. Hopkins, C.E. This particular map features Island Cemetery and the Common Burial Ground. Area where P...

This map shows the schedule of of test borings for the Newport bridge. It was done for the Rhode Island Turnpike & Bridge Authority by Giles Drilling Corp. engineers Brinckerhoff, Quade and Dougla...
circa 1965

Artist's rendering of the proposed Newport Bridge, pre-construction. Aerial architectural view from the northwest, with Jamestown in foreground. Bridge engineered by Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Quade and...

Portrait of Robert B. Cranston, half-length protrait; he wears a black coat with gold buttons, a frilly white shirt, and a black cravat. He has reddish brown hair with large sideburns, and brown eyes....

Carved wooden pin depicting Mac Arthur's face in profile, flanked by two American flags; Mac Arthur wears a tan hat with a black band and visor. Three numbers written in ink on his collar; they appear...

Wooden plaque holding the Fire Department roster or crew list of Fire Engine Company No. 2 ("S. F. E. Co. No. 2"). Those listed are foreman Richard H. Wheeler Jr., 342 Daniel A. Boss, #45 Wa...

Program for the 20th anniversary season of the Newport Casino Theatre, June 24-September 7, 1946, advertising the performance " The Hasty Heart".

Program for a reception and dinner in honor of Vice Admiral F. A. R. Plunkett and the Captain and Officers of the H. M. S. Norfolk, held by Newport Mayor Mortimer A. Sullivan at La Forge. 

Program for a graduation ceremony at the Coddington School masonic hall for the graduating class of 1899. Graduates are listed on the verso of the program.
June 23 1899

"Views of Newport R.I." viewbook, published by McMullin & Holmes of 192-194 Thames Street. Photographs include the Old Stone Mill, Marble Palace [William K. Vanderbilt], Forty Steps, the...

Wine list for the Hotel Viking, including food and wine pairings, champagnes, wines from Burgundy, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, aperitifs, whiskeys, and cocktails. 
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