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Maps Godfrey's Newport Tower Excavations
Godfrey, William S.
circa 1948
Multiple maps of excavations from William S. Godfrey's work at the Newport Tower. All of the maps are rolled together into one scroll. The first map is a cutaway map of the base of the tower, which shows what type of soil is present at specific locations. It has a legend that specifies whether the area is sod and humus, light gray clay, soil with plaster fragments, yellow clay, blue-gray clay or the treasure hunter's pit. 

The next map is an Analysis of Annular Trench Profiles. It is drawn on a long, translucent piece of paper that is taped onto a larger piece of paper. The tape is starting to come off of the paper. 

The next maps are two pencil drawings on grid paper. One shows the details of the base of column 4, and the other shows a detailed aerial view of the tower.

The next map is a Composite of Significant Levels. It was drawn on a transparent sheet and shows the different ground levels around the tower. 

The remaining maps show the columns and the ground surrounding them from different directions, There is a map of the north-south section, the west-east section, the northeast-southwest section, and the southeast-northwest section. All of these maps, except for the north-south map, are drawn on transparent paper and taped onto normal paper. The north-south map is just on normal paper. 
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Gift of the Logan Museum of Anthropology
Old Stone Mill
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Godfrey, William S. (associated)
Green, William, Dr. (associated)