Print, Photographic

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Hopf, John T.
circa 1960
A black and white photograph depiciting a portion of the U.S. naval manufacturing complex on Goat Island, prior to subsequent demolition. During World Wars I and II, Goat Island served as the location of the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station. Buildings 51 and 95 are shown in the photograph. Building 51 is made of brick, with details such as an inset arch and diagonally-placed brick details at its roofline. One large window at left appears to have been filled in with bricks. Building 95 is made of brick and has a wide rectangular opening at its base. Regularly spaced windows, some broken, are seen throughout. A third building is visible through the opening. At right, a man walks past a painted "ONE WAY" sign, and a metal chair sits at foreground.
Globe Manufacturing
Goat Island
U.S. Naval Torpedo Station