Print, Photographic

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1863 – 1893
A sepia tone photograph of the Cove (or the "Basin"), facing north towards Bridge Street .The photograph was taken prior to the Cove being completely filled in (by 1893, see atlas). To the far left is an industrial building labeled "ALEX N. BARKER LUMBER LOPEZ WHARF"; several utility poles stand nearby, which service tracks to the left. Numerous clapboard houses can be seen along Bridge Street, many dating to the 18th century. The Potter School is also visible; it is the tallest brick building towards the center. A large sign along the waterfront reads "SOZODONT." At foreground, a young boy in a boater hat sits on a wall on Marlborough Street. (Note: Lopez Wharf was located off of northern Thames Street; the painted building at right is most likely an advertisement for the Wharf).
Alex N. Barker Lumber
Bridge Street
Cove, The
Lopez Wharf
Old Colony Railroad
Point, The
Potter School