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November 22 1965
Handwritten postcard from Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison to Anthony Silvestre. The postcard dates to November 22, 1965 and is a response to Anthony Silvestre (then a student) regarding an inquiry related to the Old Stone Mill. The front of the postcard is postmarked from Boston, Mass and is addressed "For Anthony Silvestre/ Morean Hall/ Washington Street/ North Eastern, Mass." The reverse of the postcard reads: "44 Brimmer Street/Boston S, Massachusetts/ 22 Nov 1965/Dear Sir/ You are wrong on Newport Stone Tower never having been excavated. [More than 10 yr ago it was excavated by archaeologists from Harvard & they found incontrovertible evidence that it was English Colonial.] (illegible) Prof. J. Otis Brew, Peabody Museum, Cambridge, for reference to their report. Yrs SG Morison"
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Gif of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
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Old Stone Mill
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Morison, Samuel Eliot, Rear Admiral (associated)