Negative, Glass Plate

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circa 1890
A glass plate negative depicting Harbourview, a house built by George Champlin Mason for Ayres P. Merrill. The house is shown on Halidon Hill; architectural elements include a large central tower with a pointed roof, a mansard-style roof, windows with awnings, and a porch supported by arches and columns. A path can be seen in the lawn directly in front of the house; two people are visible at right on the path.The house is viewed from Wellington Avenue, which is bordered by a brick wall covered in vines.
Halidon Hill
Wellington Avenue
Related People & Organizations
Merrill, Ayers P. (associated)
Mason, George Champlin (associated)
Phoenix, Stephen Whitney (associated)
French, Ellen Tuck (associated)
Vanderbilt, Alfred (associated)
Fitzsimmons, Paul (associated)