Negative, Glass Plate

Object number
circa 1900
A glass plate negative depicting Fo'Castle (also known as The Ledges and the Cushing Estate). The buildings seen are located at Price's Neck, where Ocean Avenue meets Spouting Rock. There are what appear to be two shingle style houses to the right; one has a gambrel roofline, dormered windows, and a large porch with columns. The other has a gable roof with a large porch. The edge of another property can be seen at far right. At center, a tower with a windmill-like structure can be seen. At left is another shingle style building, most likely a carriage house. At foreground, closest to a rocky cliff and the water, is a small observatory, most likely part of a neighboring property (see 1907 atlas). The outline of Lippitt Castle, located on Ledge Road, can be seen in the background.
Cushing Estate
Ledges, The
Lippitt Castle
Ocean Avenue
Price's Neck
Spouting Rock