Negative, Glass Plate

Object number
circa 1890
A glass plate negative depicting an interior, most likely a room within one of the Pinard Cottages. The Cottages were mostly completed in 1882 by architect John Dixon Johnston. Pictured in the room are several upholstered chairs, including a tete-a-tete chair at center. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling, and similar sconces can be seen at foreground attached to the wall. Also at foreground is a glass cabinet filled with small items. A painting sits on an easel beside a fireplace. The room is wallpapered, with a contrasting border toward the ceiling. A large window with drapes is located toward the back of the room, as is an open door (at left).
Annandale Road
Narragansett Avenue
Pinard Cottages
Related People & Organizations
Johnston, John Dixon (associated)