Print, Photographic

Object number
before 1898
A black and white photograph depicting the Ocean House veranda, with several people gathered. A caption at bottom center reads: "GRAND VERANDA OF THE OCEAN HOUSE, NEWPORT." Also labeled at bottom are several handwritten names, including Addison Thomas, J.G. Weaver Sr., B. Weaver, and Bates. Most people in the photograph, including women and a young girl, are seated or standing at the veranda's edge, where hanging plants and trees are framed by large posts. Exposed beams are seen at top center. Five gentlemen sit and stand at right, closest to the camera and an entrance to the interior. Most wear bowler-style hats and fobs & chains; three carry walking sticks, and one an umbrellla. At left, under a lamp, a similarly-attired man stands next to a boy in a boater-style hat.
Bellevue Avenue
East Bowery Street
Ocean House
Related People & Organizations
Bates (associated)
Thomas, Addison (associated)
Warren, Russell (associated)
Weaver, B. (associated)
Weaver, J.G., Sr. (associated)