Object number
Seabury amp Johnson
1888 – 1893
Adhesive plaster on black & orange metal spool. Deteriorating 2" tape. Label reads, "10 yards mead's rubber adhesive plaster prepared at Seabury Pharmacel laboratories, NY, Seabury 7 Johnson, NY, London, Hamburg". "Directions for use: the warmth of the body is sufficient to make it adhere. Heat applied to it makes it more adhesive. The plaster can be obtained one-half, one, one and one half, two, two and one half, and three inches wide by ten yards in length, perfectly pliable and antiseptic." Complete medicine case includes #92.44.1 through #92.44.34. Medicine case belonged to Dr. Abirim F. Squires, born Buffalo, NY, 1846, educated at Harvard Medical College. Settled in Newport, 1873, on staff, Newport Hospital, active in community until his death Oct 10, 1925.
Credit Line
Gift of either Melville B. Peckham or Warren Peckham
Related People & Organizations
Squires, Abiram F., Dr. (associated)
Peckham, Melville B. (associated)
Peckham, Warren (associated)