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Stratford, William H.
1888 – 1893
Squat cylindrical wooden pill box. Marked with paper label on top: "W.H. Stratford, Newport, RI/Aristol" (handwritten). Wm. H. Stratford was manager of Caswell Hazard, 1880-1886; Hazard & Hazard,1887-1893; ran his own apothecary shop, 1896-1898. Complete medicine case includes #92.44.1 through #92.44.34. Medicine case belonged to Dr. Abirim F. Squires, born Buffalo, NY, 1846, educated at Harvard Medical College. Settled in Newport, 1873, on staff, Newport Hospital, active in community until his death Oct 10, 1925.
Credit Line
Gift of either Melville B. Peckham or Warren Peckham
Related People & Organizations
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