Object number
1800 – 1875
Ivory knob at top, inlaid with mother of pearl, star surrounded with tortoise shell. Four ivory spool-shaped sections, inlaid with stripes of red, gold, and black wax. This section is attached to four, carved half-round columns finished with a brass tip. Stuart Frank,11/4/2009: Unusual sperm whale panbone (jawbone) comprises the shaft. Four cylinders are handwork of 5 sperm whale teeth turned on a lathe; shows no stress cracks; most likely has metal rod going through middle of shaft; metal is possibly bronze or copper alloy, not brass as originally cataloged. Cane is in extraordinary condition; inlay has sealing wax; top has bronze or copper alloy; inset disc is mother of pearl star; dated to mid 19th century. Material changed to remove brass and add bronze per Frank's assessment.