Vol.1674B, p. 41

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Continuation of minutes from a meeting of the African Union Society on April 28, 1789. Page includes an annotation for the death of Lymas Keith on April 21, 1796, Pompey Gardner on May 14, 1794, Newport Wanton in November 1798[?], and Neptune Sisson on September 9[?], 1794. Page also reports the death of Samuel Easton, Bristol Yamma of Providence, Cudjo Chaloner, Newport Carr, Pompey Burroughs, Quaco Rivera, and Cesar Lyndon with no specific date recorded. Page also includes annotations with the dates that several members entered the Society, including Cubit Brown on January 6, 1791, Newport Gardner on August 9, 1792, Cuffee Benson on January 29, 1797, Prince Lilibrege on January 29, 1797, Newport Easton on February 23, 1797, Ceasar Gardner on June 8, 1797, and Ceasar Wanton on December 12, 1799. Full list of member names on page: Lymas Kieth, Zingo Stevens, Charles Chaloner, Richard Vickery, Pompey Gardner, Prince Baley, Pompey Scott, Samuel Easton, Newport Wanton, Abraham Casey, Scipio Tanner, George Hampshear, Congo Jenkins, Bristol Yamma, Cato Thurston, Cudjo Chaloner, Neptune Sisson, Pompey Levy, Newport Carr, Cato Slocum, Pompey Burroughs, Quaco Rivera, Quash Mowet, Cesar Lyndon, Cudjo Gibbs, Cubit Brown, Newport Gardner, Cuffee Benson, Prince Lilibrege, Newport Easton, Ceasar Gardner, and Ceasar Wanton.
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