Object number
1930 – 1970
45 envelopes of negatives, each titled with subject of images: Paul Sousa and Marion Covell Virginia Covell, Robert Covell (separately and together) Virginia Covell (1950s) (single portraits) Ruth Covell (single portraits) Group Portraits - Cathy, Marion and Eddie (1950s) Single Portraits - Allison Sousa in Newport (1968) Single Portaits - Catherine Covell Henry Clarke's Wedding Scenes in and around New York City Single Portraits - Galvins Group Portraits (on steps of Callender School) Newport - Bridge Construction, Demolition of Goon Castle Bridge Opening - June 1969 Waterfront Scenes Surf Scenes in Newport Snow Scenes in Newport Early Portraits of Covell Children Miscellaneous Galvin-Covell Wedding Barnum and Bailey's Circus Large Boats, Yachts Pre-1938 Hurricane Waterfront "Yankee" at Lawley Shipyard J-Boats Under Sail Newport Waterfront Scenes Portraits (1968) School-Door Contest Endless Series of Pictures J. Gordon Scanell Harvard Commencement 1935 Trip Around Manhattan Island Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Eddie Galvin and Uncle Ned, Aunt Louise Galvin House in Melrose Various Commencement Early New Hampshire Trip Niagara Falls Dry 1969 1968 Martha's Vineyard Trip Brattle Square, Harvard Square Honeymoon 1940 Madrid 1968 Martha's Vineyard 1939 Silvermine Festival 1938 Boston Public Library Locomotive and New Budd Car at North Station
Credit Line
Gift of Federico Santi
Callendar School
Covell family
Lawley Shipyard
Related People & Organizations
Clarke, Henry Audley (associated)
Covell, Catherine (associated)
Covell, Marion (associated)
Covell, Robert (associated)
Covell, Ruth (associated)
Covell, Virginia (associated)
Galvin, Eddie (associated)
Santi, Federico (associated)
Scanell, J. Gordon (associated)
Sousa, Allison (associated)
Sousa, Paul (associated)