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1803 – 1804
Four ALS from captain Richard C. Beale, Master, Brig Industry to his wife Maria Ann, of Quincy, and one letter from Maria Ann Beale to her husband, 1803-1804. March 2, 1804, letter from Beale before leaving Newport: "the tempest of today makes me feel thankful I was not rash enough to have put to sea on Thursday as in all possibility I might have been drove off the coast. June 20, 1804: I have been several times indisposed through the fatigues and over exertion one is obliged to make among these slow molded geniuses or else remain here." 1804: I have had a great deal to do to the vessel which has detained me considerably but have now nearly complete that part of my business . . . I feel extremely anxious for our dear offspring but whatever is the will of him who stears the great ship we must submit to with patience . . ." Captain Beale was lost at sea on the return voyage.
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manuscripts (documents)