Photograph album

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Photograph album containing cartes-de-visite and cabinet cards. Those pictured include: Dr. Mercer, Mrs. Sophia Little, Rev. William Patten, Eliot Boss, Rev. Charles Brooks, Benjamin J. Tilley, J. P. Newell, Dr. James Turner, John Hay, Count Cavour, Madame Beauregarde, General George McClellan, Col. Benjamin Church, Captain James Barbour, Laura E. Richards, Dr. Charles Cotton, Dr. Thomas W. Bricknell, Mr. Saunders, Mr. H. W. Clarke, Mr. Atkins, Esther "the last of the royal Narragansetts", John Handy, General Horatio Gates, Thomas H. Clarke, William T. Sherman, Captain Isaiah Crooker, William Allen, General John A. Anderson, General Ulysses S. Grant, B. J. Tilley, Rev. Thatches Thayer, Peleg Clarke, The funeral carriage that conveyed the remains of Com. Oliver Hazard Perry through the streets of Newport, Henry Bedlow, Charles Sumner, Joseph Joslyn, Bolles, Sara Bush Lincoln, Big. Gen S. W. Crawford, Edward Easton Taylor, Jules Ferry, E. Picard, Jules Simon-Bancel, Garrier Pages, Thiers, Jules Fauvre, E. Pellatan Gambretta, The Hunter School at 103 Church Street, Hon. lewis Latham, Deacon William Tilley, George W. Calvert, Rev. Samuel Hawkins, Samuel W. Frances, Mrs. Julia Warde Howe, Samuel W. Howe, Smith Bosworth, William John Tilley, Col. John Edgar Howard, Major General Israel Putnam, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tilley [possibly Charles Henry Tilley and Ann Elizabeth Tilley], Mr. J. H. Tilley, Mrs. jane Tilley, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Tilley, Samuel Parker, Dr. Bentley of Salem [1759-1819], Rev. Charles Timothey Brooks, Mary Dennis, William Barley, Rebecca Hunter, Ann Comstock [wife of Charles Comstock], Miss Wilbrook of the Stanton House on Franklin Street, Major Clarkson, Mrs. Mary Bull, wife of John Gideon Wanton, Rev. Thatcher Thayer, Com. Lill USN, Captain George Woolsey, Major General Howard, Com. Stringham, Mrs. Barker [Mother of Robert Barker], Joseph Lyons, Fort Sumpter, and Whitehall [Berkeley]. 
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Gift of Miss. Storer
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photograph albums