Signatures (names)

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1877 – 1881
Autograph book, engraved with "S. E. Topham", containing the signatures of Newport, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois residents. These include: J. B. Stuart, James C. Topham,R. Crowley, Louis Olafs, George W. S. White, Will H. West, E. L. Spencer, Annie V. Pratt, Julia J. Corwen, George W. Dockray, Stephen S. Ward, Mary J. Morgan, Clint Wells, Ida T. Russell, Harry E. Turner, Thomas G. Turner, T. M. Seabury, Eva L. Wood, John H. Robinson, Walter R. Tallman, George C. Stevens, Adelle Blake, Rufus E. Danah, George L. Chaner, Max Muenchinger, George R. parker, George H. Carr, Frank H. Barlow, Belle Barker, Louise P. Muenchinger, Nellie Hazard, Annie C. Wilson, Marguerite E. Crowley, L. F. Wadsworth, S. Frank West, W. M. Ormsbee, and George L. Thayer.
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signatures (names)