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1880 – 1937
Scrapbook containing decorative or commemorative medals and ribbons. The items include Memorial Day ribbons, an Olympian Club ribbon, Old Home Week ribbons, a Gladding Family reunion ribbon, a Newport Suffrage Association ribbon, a Union Excursion Rocky Point ribbon, ribbons commemorating the 50th and 60th anniversary of Rhode Island Lodge, a Rhode Island Baptist ribbon, an American Unitarian Association ribbon, a banner advertising a benefit for the Newport Chapter of the American Red Cross on April 12, 1917, a tag day tag for the American Jewish Relief campaign (1919), an Armistice Day badge, a ribbon for the First Rhode Island Regiment & Battery Veteran Association (1861), a General G. K. Warren memorial ribbon, a Cunningham Rifles Newport Artillery (1886) ribbon, a 4th Rhode Island Veteran Association reunion ribbon (1882), dedications to the Col. John S. Slocum monument and the Burnside equestrian statue, an N. R. D. A. committee ribbon (1886), a Washington Commandery ribbon (1886), an Aquidneck Encampment No. 5 ribbon (1890), a Neptune Lodge ribbon, a President Rebekah assembly ribbon (1909), a Clan Na Gael ribbon, a Red Cross donation slip for Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hammett, Masonic Fair ribbons (1889), a ribbon commemorating the inauguration of Gov. Davis (1887), a Rhode Island Society of Mayflower Descendants ribbon (1936), and a leaflet certifying the Newport Historical Society as a member of the National Red Cross (1937). 
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