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Photograph of a group of the U. S. naval Academy class of 1863, pictured by the Old Stone Mill in Touro Park, near the Atlantic House, in which the Naval Academy was located during the civil war. The original photograph was in possession of Captain H. E. Cook. 

Standing from left to right: G. D. B. Glidden, W. H. Whiting, F. A. Cook, W. Dunn, J. K. P Ragsdale, W. K. Wheeler, W. C. Wise, N. Ludlow, R. P. Leary, C. E. Clark, W. A. VanVleck, W. B. Hoof, G. T. Davis, C. J. Barclay, C. D. Sigsbee, G. W. Coffin, F. McCormick, C. M. Chester, and I. T. Morris.

Sitting, from left to right: G. M. McClure, D. W. Mullan, C. V. Gridley, R.C. Irvin, W. S. Dana, D. R. Cassell, F. Morris, A. H. Wright. 

Also pictured are: D. H. Pendleton, R. D. Evans.
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