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Coddington, William
September 18 1745
A draft of a house lot belonging to Richard Roes (possibly a misspelling of Richard Rose or Richard Roas). The document shows a division of the lot on the 18th of September 1745, as surveyed by Samuel Easton. 

The document was later entered into the Book of Land Evidence, No. 14, between pages 324 and 325, by William Coddington, Town Clerk on January 26, 1760. 

The lot is bounded to the north by a John Stevens lot, to the east and south east by land 'belonging to the Baptists', and to the south by Jonathan Thurston's lot. The north-south division recorded by surveyor Samuel Easton shows the southern portion transferred to James Nicholl. 

It is likely this lot is the area between present-day Farewell Street, North Baptist Street and Thames Street. The portion of the lot bounded to the east and south east by land 'belonging to the Baptists' was likely the second Baptist Church, which was previously located on the corner of Farewell Street and North Baptist Street. 
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land registers