Wilfred Warren photographic collection, 1870 – 1983

Historical Note
The Wilfred Warren collection was originally donated to the Seamen's Church Institute in October of 1991, following the death of Mr. Warren. The collection is intended to appropriately depict life on and of the sea. 
Scope and Content
The Wilfred Warren collection comprises some 2,216 photographs, 408 prints (duplicates), 22 plates from books depicting sailing ships, 284 postcards (with some duplicates), 114 lantern slides depicting historical sites in Virginia, 14 glass plate negatives, and manuscript materials. These materials are dispersed through 10 binders and smaller boxes. 

The prints have been arranged and coded by subject matter; each print is numbered and coded to reflect the area it portrays. In some instances, names or compass directions have been added for clarity. 

Albums cover the Torpedo station, local street views, waterfront views, and scenes from America’s Cup races in the 1930s.