Draft manuscript regarding Newport history, circa 1820 – 1950

Scope and Content
These papers consist of the third and fourth parts of a typed draft history of Newport from 1785 to 1930, consisting primarily of notes and transcriptions of letters, with interleaved postcards, clippings, photographs, and original correspondence. Likely compiled by Lloyd A. Robson in the early to mid 20th century, a few interleaved documents date to the early 19th century. A couple of postcards are addressed to Alice Brayton, of Fall River and Green Animals in Portsmouth, so it is also possible that she is the compiler. However a photograph of Hubert Vos labeled "Portrait of the Compiler -- Of course we know it is not, we know it is Hubert Vos [...], but it does look like the Compiler, thinking of what it would be nice to compile," suggests the compiler might be a man.

Part Three is titled "Third Period: From the close of the Revolution to the Civil War, 1785-1859" and is indexed as follows:
  • 1785, September 28. "Quebec to Carolina." Diary by Robert Hunter, Jr.
  • 785, November 3. Letter from Christopher Champlin to Waugh.
  • 1787, May 30. Letter from Christopher Champlin to De Bauque and Co.
  • 1788. Letter from Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia to Jeremy Belknap of Boston.
  • 1790. Letter from the widow of Dr. Hunter to Feke the apothocary.
  • 1791. Another letter from the same to the same.
  • 1794. Letter from Gov. Drayton of South Carolina, while on tour throught the Eastern States.
  • 1795. More letters from Mrs. Hunter to Mr. Feke.
  • 1798. Letter from Christopher Champlin to Robert Robinson.
  • 1799-1800. More letters from Mrs. Hunter to Mr. Feke.
  • 1799. Extract from the autobiography of Samuel Hopkins.
  • 1803. More letters from Mrs. Hunter to Mr. Feke.
  • 1804-1805. Letters from John C. Calhou.
  • 1804. Letter from William Ellery to Daniel Updike.
  • 1805. Extracts from the diary of Samuel Hopkins.
  • 1809. Letters from two [African Americans].
  • 1812. Diary of Thomas Hazard.
  • 1822. Letter from Benjamin Waterhouse to Thomas Jefferson.
  • 1830. Letter from Dutee Pearce to John Davis.
  • 1831. Letters from Mary Mansfield to her mother.
  • 1833, April 27. Letters written by young Hunter while in the Navy, revisiting Newport where he was born.
  • 1836. Letters written by Mrs. Warren when she spent the summer in a boarding house in Newport.
  • 1840, Dec 13. Letter written by Henry W. Longfellow to his father.
  • 1840. "A visit to Newport" by Sarah S. Cahoone. Pub. in 1840 in New York.
  • 1843. Reminisences of Samuel Hopkins by William Patton.
  • 1848. letter from Samuel W. Longfellow to Samuel Ward.
  • 1848. The graves of Newport by Tuckerman.
  • 1849. Diary of Samuel W. Longfellow.
  • 1852, September. "Lotus Eating" by George W. Curtis, Harper's Magazine.
  • 1852. Diary of Samuel W. Longfellow.
  • 1855. The same.
  • 1855. Letters of Samuel W. Longfellow to James T. Fields.
  • 1858, July. Extract from "Life of Henry James." This is a letter from Thomas Sargant Perry about the James boys in Newport.
  • 1859, August 23. "Reunion of the sons and daughters of Newport" Mason.
  • 1859, October. "Newport" by T. Addison Richards, Knickerbocker Magazine.
Part Four is titled "Fourth Section: The Civil War and after, 1860-1930" and is indexed as follows:
  • 1861, September. The Diary of Anthony Trollope.
  • 1862. The Diary of J. Prescott Hall, manuscript.
  • 1862, August 25. Fragment of a letter.
  • 1867. Poetry by Gov. Van Zandt.
  • 1868. "Malbone" by T. Wentworth Higginson.
  • 1870. "Portraits of Places," Henry James, published in 1883.
  • 1871. "Newport Beach" by Lady Amelia Murry.
  • 1881. "The Isle of Peace" by S. C. Woolsey, Scribner's Magazine.
  • 1882. "Oldport in Winter" from Oldport Days by T. W. Higginson.
  • 1885. Selections from a "Little Country Girl" by Susan Coolidge, published by Robert Brothers.
  • 1904, January 20. Letter written by William James to his brother Henry James from Mrs. Robinson's boarding house on Catherine Street.
  • 1905. "Our Social Capital" by Mrs. John King van Rensselaer, published by J. B. Lippincott.
  • 1930, December. "The Sense of Newport" by Henry James, Harper's Magazine.