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96.15 AB
Buckle, Shoe
1750 – 1799

Pair of shoe buckles with rectangular silver frames with cast filigree decoration, rosette at each corner added in separate operation; two-tined steel fork and toothed loop each attached separately...

before 1937

A single 7" long leather shoe in poor condition. The shoe has been slattened, appears to have an instep strap. Piece of paper glued onto foot of shoe reads 'Child's shoe, found in attic of Maudsley...

before 1800

A single baby's leather shoe in poor condition; very old and brittle. Four holes at toe, instep strap is torn, sticthing on side of shoe is unravelling. Piece of paper found with shoe reads 'shoe f...

Pair of shoes worn by Eunice McCormick Conron at her wedding on 23 September 1931. Folded ribbon found inside A is C. Shoes are cream leather with French heels and square metal (possibly tin) buckl...

A single silk brocade shoe with 3-1/4" heel, pointed up-turned toe, instep straps tied together with a blue silk ribbon, remnants of pink or red trim.

A single white silk wedding shoe. Interior is white linen with overlapping instep straps. A buckle is missing. This is the wedding shoe of Mary Brinton from 1783.

1731 – 1802

A single ladies white printed leather shoe with wedge heel. The shoe has a white repetitious print of spirals and paisleys. Written on the sole in ink are the words "Shoe of Mrs. General Washington...

18th century

A single ladies plain white silk shoe with a pointed toe, 1 1/2" white leather heel, white linen lining.

18th century

A single ladies white silk leather shoe, now brown with age; 1 1/2" heel, white silk instep ribbon, white silk ribbon trim and bow on front of shoe. Belonged to Mrs. John Handy of Newport.

A single open back shoe with 1-1/2" wooden heel with nail studs. Leather shoe has remnants of black on it. Brown canvas trim.

A single ladies red leather shoe with a gold 1-1/2" heel. The shoe has a red square toe and a square throat with a red ruffled trim. #55 is written in pencil on the bottom of the shoe.

A single gold silk brocade shoe with 2-1/4" heel, pointed up-turned toe, overlapping wide instep straps with a black headed pin in one of the holes. Brass tack found sticking out of the back of the...

Pair of white silk shoes with 3" heels, pointed toes, overlapping instep straps. Buckles or ornaments for the straps are missing. Paper found with shoes reads, "Slippers worn by Sarah Olney, wife o...

Brown leather shoe with a 2-1/2" heel and a pointed toe. The instep strap is tied together with a gold color satin bow. Remnants of gold colored fabric banding around edges of shoe. Most likely Lon...

A teal baby shoe made of silk. Features include an ankle strap with a white button closure and a piece of fabric folded into a cockade at front. Twill lining; leather sole. Evidence of hand stitchi...

A single black leather shoe and fragment with 1-1/2" heel with a 1-1/4" wide overlapping instep straps. Most likely made in New England.

Pair of woman's aqua colored dyed silk spike heeled shoes. Shoebox is aqua colored cardboard with "Vincent Draper" logo printed on it.

Men's dress pumps, black leather with grosgrain bow at toe.

Pair of women's high heeled shoes (spike heels), blue dyed silk, heels have steel base. Dark blue cardboard shoebox with "pierre" printed on top and sides.

Shoes (footwear)
1900 – 1950

Pair of silk brocade shoes with a leaf and vine motif, brown and red on a gold background, three slits cut into fabric on each side of shoe meet at top of foot and are tied together with a ribbon.

Dark brown pair of shoes made from kid with black ribbon banding and a large black silk bow covering button and shoe strap, "Baby Louis" heels. Shoes by Thayer McNeil & Hodgkins from , 47 Templ...

Pair of dark cream ribbed silk wedding shoes with 1" heel and square toe, two criss-crossing paisley designs on the toe, made up of small and large sized faux pearls. Tag in box states, "stockings ...

D89 AB
Shoes (footwear)
1886 – 1887

Green Chinese satin shoes used for a masquerade (1886/1887). Green with embroidered blue and white. White, very high soles. Worn by Miss Florence Newton

2010.14.2 AB
shoes (footwear)
circa 1880 – 1920

A pair of light blue women's silk dress shoes, made by T.M. Seabury of Newport, RI. The shoes were once owned by Elizabeth H.J.B. Robinson. The silk is machine stitched to a leather interior. Soles...

2010.14.1 AB
shoes (footwear)
circa 1880 – 1920

A pair of women's ivory silk dress shoes, made by T.M. Seabury of Newport, RI. The shoes were once owned by Elizabeth H.J.B. Robinson. Features include a leather sole with a reinforced curved heel ...

A pair of white grosgrain, soft leather inside. Square toe, full rosette on toe.

Dark brown or bronze leather wedge heeled shoes lined with coarse linen, medium round toe, three slits over instep outlined with ribbon binding. Black ribbon on D25 B.

Brown leather shoes of a slip-on style with a narrow oval toe and pronounced left/right shaping. The sole may also be of leather, and a possible wooden heel tacked with a several small nails. The s...

Shoes (footwear)
circa 1795 – 1800

A single red leather shoe with a pointed toe, gold trim and a red heel less than an inch wide and less than 1-1/2" high. #46 is written in pencil on bottom of shoe.

White satin shoes, trimmed with paillets and small floral design in silver. No heel, heavy leather sole, very pointed toe. Lined with coarse linen, bound with white ribbon.

Pair of brown/red leather shoes with whote 3" leather heels and a V-shaped throat. Remnants of white trim. Tagged "Newport c.1780 Seabury"

88.3.2 AB
Shoes (footwear)
circa 1775 – 1785

Pair of ladies white silk shoes; silk is plain white; pointed toes, overlapping instep straps, buckles missing, linen interior. Belonged to Mrs. John Handy.

Shoes (footwear)
circa 1770 – 1800

Ladies Quaker silk crepe shoes in ivory. Strap across front. White wedge .5 inch heel. Striped ribbon banding in black and white on heel.

Pair of leather shoes with red and green embroidery, black dulled sequins and small black coils on the toe. There is also a white silk bow on each shoe. Shoe A seems to have white leather while sho...

A single white silk shoe (A) with colorful embroidered leaves and flowers, green trim, green ribbon over instep, up turned pointed toe. (B) is a single brown leather patten or clog (that fits the s...

Colored flowers on cream ground. Brocade, bound with dark green ribbon. High, broad heels; medium toe. Very heavy leather soles.

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