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Pipe, Water
circa 1700 – 1900

18.5 inch section of wood water pipe (possibly oak). Cylindrical with hole bored in the middle. Found in Point section of Newport on 2nd Street between 1979-1980 and saved by the donor. One area of...

circa 1705 – 1850

Possibly a Valenciennes lace or pillow lace of some sort, feauring scalloped edges, a net ground, and two distinct gloral motifs.

Bowl, Serving
1750 – 1850

Ironstone Nanking serving bowl, blue design on celadon background w/ Nanking border.

97.18.40 AB
Bowl, Tea
1750 – 1850

A: Nanking ironstone tea bowl, possibly for tea or rice, blue design on white/celadon background. B: Underplate in same design. Subjects include mountains, trees, home and water.

1750 – 1850

Head is poured wax with human hair from top of head. Face has brown glass eyes. Body is made of cloth. Limbs are also poured wax hands, dimples and nails. Doll is wearing white cotton dress, 2 pett...

97.16.3 AB
1750 – 1850

(A) Brass eyeglasses w/ crank bridge and quadrangular frames; (B) Tortoise shell case lined w/red velvet, silver button shaped opening catch, hinged on back, plaque on top of case w/ the inscriptio...

Skirt with embroidered silver quatrefoil-like design. Small silver bows and sprigs embroidered in centers and edges of quatrefoils. Panels include selvage edges. Partially assembled. Gathers and pl...

Yard goods of an embroidered silver quatrefoil-like design. Small silver bows and sprigs embroidered in centers and edges of quatrefoils. Selvage to selvage piece. Same fabric as FIC.2018.026 B

Iron, Curling
1750 – 1840

Scissor-like wrought iron tongs; delicate handles curve into rat-tail ends; shafts fastened with (brass) pin. One shaft has two prongs. The single prong of the other shaft fits between them.

1750 – 1850

Blue and white ironstone Canton platter, celadon background, cloud and rain border. Subjects include houses, trees, mountains and bridge.

97.18.37 AB
1750 – 1850

A: Oval ironstone Nanking meat platter. B: Pierced liner. Blue design on celadon background, Nanking border. Subjects include fisherman, trees, hills and homes in 'Oriental' design.

1750 – 1850

Two blue and white porcelain saucers decorated w/ an oriental design: pagoda, trees, mountains: zig-zag blue border.

1765 – 1858

Mahogany and tulip slant-front desk with three drawers, straight bracket feet, blocked interior drawers, sliding well, sliding lid supports with carved bird's head terminals, and a brass label on b...

1765 – 1856

Silhouette of Michele Felice Corne (1765-1856) sitting on a stool facing right; tan paper mounted on lighter paper. Wood frame painted gold. Michele Felice Corne written underneath. This is a fasci...

1765 – 1856

Full length profile silhouette of Job Sherman (1765-1856) facing right. He is wearing a hat and coat with tails. One arm appears put in the coat across his chest. Backing is water stained.

Three quarter profile of Christopher Grant Champlin (1768-1840). Facing right, brown eyes, powdered hair, wearing white shirt with frills, brown waist coat.

1769 – 1856

Silhouette of Stephen Northam (1769-1856) is facing left wearing a white collar, light blue tie, black coat with tails holding a quill pen. Drawn in room shows built-in bookshelves, flowers and bla...

1770 – 1848

Cut out silhouette of Nicholas Hassard (1770-1848), of light paper over darker cloth; facing right, with a high collar and hair standing up. Gold painted frame. Written across the bottom: "Nicholas...

1771 – 1853

Brown clasp purse with metal hardware that has been sewn on by hand with multi-colored needlework featuring flowers and the initials "AB".

Minitature painting of Mrs. Christopher Grant Champlin (1772-1847) in three-quarter profile, facing left. Blue eyes, reddish-brown hair rolled high and back from face, covered with a draping white ...

Miniature portrait of Edward Arnold Tayer (1774-1848). Brown eyes, powdered hair, white shirt with tie at neck, black vest, brown jacket, stippled blue background. He elimninated Arnold from his na...

1779 – 1849

Silhouette of Daniel Coggeshall (1779-1849) facing right; hair in short ponytail, high collar with frilly front, dark coat. Tan paper on lighter backing. Dark wood frame. Marked on lower left corne...

FIC.2014.151 AB
circa 1781 – 1854

Pair of men's silk socks, embroidered line on the sides and marked with "WmV Taylor" on each sock. The pair of socks belonged to William Vigneron Taylor who served alongside Oliver Hazard Perry.

1785 – 1850

Mourning scene with tombstones, weeping willow and other trees.

Two alphabet sequences, one number sequence, no decorations, monochrome, done all in cross stitch.

30.5 B
Screen, Fire
1785 – 1850

One round floral border with smaller floral oval border, painted mourning scene in center. In round wooden frame, original silk backing. See #30.5 for card on stand.

23.3.1 AB
Spoon, Salt
1785 – 1871

Two Salt Spoons with engraved initials: "EBJ" in script, handle end is an elongated rectangle. "Nichols" enclosed in a rectangle. Belonged to Edward and Bathsheba Tayer, married October 7, 1798.

1786 – 1840

Sepia-toned drawing of Hon. Christopher Grant Champlin, (1786-1840), facing right. Wearing white wig with pony tail, frilly collar and coat. Round drawing with white mat in square frame of dark w...

2003.4.2 AB
1790 – 1900

A=eyeglasses with tarnished metal frames and green-tinted lenses. Lenses are oval with a "C" bridge, turnpin temple bars end in a circle. Black eyeglass case made of leather and cardboard.

1791 – 1875

Silhouette of Sylvester Robinson Hazard (1791-1875), black paper on tan, facing left; has a high collar with tie; gold painted frame. Makers mark: on back: "Sylvester Robinson Hazard/b. March 3, 1...

Pewter flagon with flared handle, lid is attached to handle. "Calde" surrounded by a wavy line. Part of communion service used in Sab. Mtg. Hse.

1792 – 1874

Silhouette of Dr. Rowland Robinson Hazard (1792-1874), black paper on tan, facing right; appears to have a thick, high collar; gold painted frame. Marked on back: "Dr. Rowland Robinson Hazard/b. F...

1794 – 1843

Silhouette of George Champlin Mason facing right, black and gold dressed in dress coat, surrounded by gold oval in square black frame. Written on back: "Geo. C. Mason, son of Dr. Banj. Mason, died...

Purple velour covered autograph book; romantic raised decoration on front: grape leaves, pastoral scene and cameo-type woman's head; 40 blank pages.

19th century

Pinafore Style, Cross-bar dimity apron. Machine seams, trimmed with heavy tatting for a young girl.

19th century

Cloth banner featuring a painted image of a winged tiger holder antlers. This banner is likely Chinese and dates back to the Boxer Rebellion at the end of the nineteenth century.

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