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Print depicting the entrance from an open air porch to the courtyard at the Newport Casino.

Well dressed spectators watch men playing tennis on a court at the Casino. Women carry parasols. A smaller image depicts the "piazza in the casino grounds."
On back of frame, "Property of All...

"The late Rev. John Wesley, MA. and 446 of the Preachers in his Connexion represented as assembled ... [remainder illegible due to tearing]."
Group of man men, mostly only their heads can be ...

"Form 3767-1"
Print is a notice to passengers of the N.E. Steamship Co.Outlines what to do with valuable (safe is provided), "General Information" (including coat room info and ordering in-ro...

"The New England Steamship Company Notice to Passengers" Paper then goes on to give notice about valuables, general information, valet service, breakfast, hours for meals (on each of the lines), an...

Framed print of Newport Harbor. Wide view shows buildings along the water's edge and several ships.

Print depicting Reverend Ezra Stiles, most likey modeled on a portrait by Reuben Moulthrop (1794). Text under image of Stiles reads: "EZRA STILES S.T.D. L.L.D./President of Yale College./F. GUTEKUN...

Framed print of portrait of William Ellery. Ellery was a signer of the Declaration of Independence as a representative from Rhode Island. Print is from bust up. A plaque with his name on it hangs o...

Friends Meeting House, drawn by William Dame, T. Sinclair's lithograph.

Friends Meeting House drawn by William Dame, T. Sincalir's lithograph.

Print of a drawing - "Hong Kong."

Ruins of the Old Fort Conanicut, Rhode Island, with text.

A postcard-size print depicting the Colony House. Two trees are visible at foreground, and the steeple of the First Baptist Church is visible in the background. Image is attributed to Edith Ballang...

A small printed card depicting the Old Stone Mill, most likely intended as a souvenir or removed from a souvenir album. The Mill is surrounded by trees and a circular path, as well as a fence and b...

Seven prints on a page, various scenes of soldiers; at camp, off duty, fireworks, walking with women, "THe Twenty-Third at Newport", drawn by Charles Graham

Print of the "Old Mill" at Newport with accompanying text - a new study of an old puzzle.

Print of the city of Providence, from Prospect Hill. A.C. Warren, R. Hinshelwood

Print of Steamboat Landing.

Print of "The Glen" Newport and Its Scenery on stone by John Collins. T. Sinclair's Lith Phila

Print of The Siege of RI, taken from Mr. Brindley's House on 25th of August, 1778.

The Battle of Lake Erie, Commodore O.H. Perry's victory.

Print of Newport.

Print of Newport.

Print of Newport, drawn by G. Wall, engraved by Fenner, Sears, and Co.

Print of Newport ruin (The Old Mill.)

Print of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Newport. Drawn by G. Wall, engraved by J. Archer.

Print, "Boys in Boat," by E.S. Cozzar.

Print of W.A. Mozart.

Print of "The Glen"

The Irish Homestead, residence of William Bailey, Middletown.

Print of Redwood Library and Athenaeum, Newport, RI, G.H. Hayes.

Reproduction of print - Stone Mill, Newport, RI, Atlantic House to right of Mill.

Print: The Spouting Cave.

Print: Decatur's Conflict with the Algerine at Tripoli, by Chappel Pinxt

General Franics Marion, engraved by T.B. Welch, printed by B. Rogers, from drawing by J.B. Longacre, after portrait in a painting by T. Stothard R.A. of the battle at Eutaw.

Print: "Don't Give Up the Ship" by Chappel Pinxit, US History - War of 1812.

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