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1st century BCE

Tessera from the mosaic in the floor of the Temple of Venus in Pompeii. 

Undated photographic print of a couple seated by Newport harbor. The Claiborne Pell Bridge is visible in the background. 

Navy blue wool military coat with high collar. Four pockets on front on coat. Five gold buttons with eagle, anchor and stars down front of coat (bottom most button is missing). One button on each p...

Child's ivory bonnet. Lace and crochet along the sides and edges. Crochet flower in the center of the back with long ribbons.

12 rolled blueprints for proposed Arboretum and Cultural Center at Hammersmith Farm (Olmsted-designed gardens) 

This is an annotated map of a berthing plan for Newport Harbor.

This map shows proposed improvements to the East end of Long Wharf in Newport. 

Receipt, date September 8, 1842, from the Town Council of the Town of Newport to Charles Greene for purchase of Lot No. 154 in the "New Burying Ground."

Length of beadwork trim constructed on a off-white net-ground and beaded in a swirling configuration of various tones of blue and some purple iridescent seed beads. The trim also includes a border ...

Collection of 15 needlwork and lace trims ranging in color from white to beige and one small length of pink trim.

A painting of a man identified as William Coddington. Painting was most likely executed by Nehemiah Partridge.

White leather fingertip, either from a glove or intended to use like a thimble or page turner.

Small black cape entirely covered in small black beads, most likely jet. The edges of the semi-circular cape feature beaded fringe comprised of looped strings of beading.

Men's gauntlets. Made of yellow suede or buckskin, lined with a tan hide. Gloves feature prominent cross appliques comprised of red velvet and heavily embroidered corded edging. The applique is mou...

Sheer off-white baby bonnet with lacey net trim. Fabric of bonnet features braided embroidery.

Miniature of Miss Susan D. Bliss by Lydia Redmond.

Black satin ball dress that belonged to Mrs. Abraham P.T. Elder, mother of the donor, and made in Paris.

Letter written by Emilie Ruecker Mrs. Snell describing vandalism and disturbance to a nest of "fish hawks" or osprey by a group of young boys that is causing her to "not have apeaceful frame of min...

Drawing found in Beatrice Stone's notebook, features a drawing of a poppy and others flowers. On the reverse is a calendar page with the footere, "For Fire Alarm and Yearly Calendars of 1890 and 18...

This guest book documents the visitors to the Armchair Sailor during the years of 1981 to 2011. The Armchair Sailor was a bookstore operating in Newport, Rhode Island on 543 Thames Street from 1979...

A profile of the Sheffield House which used to stand in Washington Square.

Souvenir booklet of images of Newport, R.I. manisons and Cliff Walk landmards

A view of #392Thames Street of the Francis Malbone House, then St. Clare's House. 

Black feathered fan

An unbound album formerly in three-ring binder. Inventory book including list, instructions for staff, and photographs for Chetwode, Bellevue Avenue, Newport, ca. 1904-1915. Loose pages, and additi...

Platter, T/L Fall River Line china, part of a set of five.

Watercolor painting and ink drawing of the Yacht "America." The yacht has two masts and billowing sails. A long blue pennant marked with a "B" flies from the rear mast, and a small greet pennant fl...

Printing block depicting the gates and front drive of the Breakers. On back written in pencil is the name George Williamson.

Cookbook compiled by the Edward King Senior Citizens and sold as a fundraiser. The cover is printed in red ink, featuring a rooster. It was printed by Wiseman's of Newport.

Found on Henry Hedley farm in northern Portsmouth, this cannonball would have been used during the Battle of Rhode Island, which took place on August 29, 1778. This battle, which repelled Continent...

This hand cannon, considered to be one of the forerunners of the modern handgun, is one of the earliest known forms of firearms. Possibly one of the oldest types of small arms, it was widely used i...

In archaeological terms, a projectile point is any object that was attached to a projectile. This Includes spears, darts and arrows. These stone points were collected from various regions around th...

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