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1st century BCE

Tessera from the mosaic in the floor of the Temple of Venus in Pompeii. 

Handwritten list, possibly a bibliography of articles and photos written by Elaine Lorillard.

Photograph (Daguerreotype?) of a woman. Gold matting, red velvet trim. Flowers imprinted on the leather case.

Photo on metal image of a man with words across bottom.

Broken piece of white glass with an image of the Bishop Whitehouse.

Color photograph of George Way Swinburne. Dark wood frame, gold trim and gold name plate at the bottom.

Portrait of Henry Audley Clarke

Portrait of M. Littlefield

45 sleeves of photo negatives containing different sizes and formats. Slides appear to be of activities that took place at "The Rec" at the Great Friends Meeting House.

48 film negatives, undated, 4.6" x 2.6" of unknown content

61 glass plate negatives of various scenes, mostly boating and water shots. Other scenes include military equipment and a possible parade or other outdoor celebration. 35 negatives are 3.25" x 4.5"...

Two hundred and seventy-five film negatives. Subjects are broken down by street as well as architectural elements. Most as attributed to Jonas Bergner.

Eighteen tightly rolled film negatives in poor condition.

Daguerreotype of old Town Crier.

Ten photographic negatives. Images show men on the street and outside businesses including the wharf, street corners, and houses. Some negatives are in poor condition. Negatives were taken from the...

Approximately 90 glass plate negatives. Most are of portraits and group portraits. Some are in poor condition, with the images flaking emulsion or emulsion pulled away from the glass. Several are f...

A matted print depicting an Old Colony Railroad locomotive, "Washacum". Handwritten caption at top right reads: "Old Colony Railroad-Washington St./Newport, R.I.". A brick building is visible at left.

Half length portrait of Henry Marchant (1741-1796). Subject faces to left; dressed in white blouse with flared cuffs, pink jacket showing three buttons, and a gold-trimmed vest; holds right hand ov...

Portrait of Edward Arnold Tayer (1774-1848). Half length portrait, subject faces to the right; wearing white blouse with high collar and ruffled chest; black jacket; appears to hold long, red stick...

Clear glass with frosted scene of 2 sailing ships framed by elaborate swirls and flowers. "God Give Us A Healthy Home" is written in Dutch above the scene. Stem is beveled in three places, slopes i...

Two wood deadeyes from Ida Lewis boat "Rescue". Both wood with metal rim surrounding; three holes.

Depicts steamboat in red ink. "Independent opposition line for New York, via Providence and Newport - fare - cabin $100, deck 75 cts. The splendid steamer 'telegraph' w/Capt. William J. Wiswall. Th...


Color lithograph shows "Pilgrim" passing under a bridge, smaller boats near it. Top flag is red and says "Fall River Line" (also at top of lithograph and carved into wood frame at bottom). Reads: ...

Black and white lithograph of Liliuokalani; ex-queen of Hawaiian islands and model for figurehead of "Aloha." Dressed in Victorian style finery, sash across body, holding handkerchief or fan in ri...

Two rings joined by a bar with a screw in the middle. Found in Newport Harbor.

Two rings joined by a chain.

Small, round, silver-colored steam whistle. Tag reads, "Whistel from old steamboat on Narragansett Bay"

Blubber cutter or skinning knife with wood handle and metal blade. Formerly property of Captain Benjamin Marlbe, grandfather of donor, Alfred W. Holland. Similar specimen in New Bedford whaleship.

Bottom is an arc. Ivory markings have numbers faded. Several small movable mirrors. Etched in ivory: "H. Doreid (?; Duren?) New York". See also #01.758.

Blunt-nosed, tarnished whitehead torpedo model with tiny propeller.

Whaling lance that was originally cataloged as a harpoon (1982) then reassessed to be a lance in 2010. "J. Barton" engraved on blade.

Pleater or ruffler: grooved metal base attached to metal handle. Used to press ruffles or pleats into fabric when ironing. Corresponding piece missing.

Straight piece of wood with curved handle pierced through; square hole at one end (missing latch); painted gray. Represents the medieval, vernacular nature of first period architecture.

2 triangles attached by a handle; bottom triangle has 3 holes (for nails), top triangle has 2 holes and latch.

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