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Miniature of Avis Robinson (1893-1965) profile, right side of face. Woman with short, dark, brown hair, white dress. Background is lilac and cream. Inscribed on back of frame, "Avis W. Robinson 189...

1850 – 1950

Floral design in center with smaller designs in each corner; roses and leaves on fine ecru wool background fabric; colors of reds, blues, greens and tans.

1891 – 1959

Teapot and cover of Basket or Tridacna shell design; edges and handles decorated in pink; spout decorated in pink relief vinelike decoration. Part of a set that includes: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59....

Bowl, Sugar
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain colorless sugar bowl of pink Tridacna; swelling sides; top edge gently bends inward. Part of a set including: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59.1.3. From Fermanagh, Ireland.

Pitcher, Cream
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain colorless creamer of pink Tridacna; swelling sides; top edge gently bends inward. Part of a set including: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59.1.3. From Fermanagh, Ireland.

Dish, Eating
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain heart shaped dish of scalloped and gadrooned sides; clear glaze outside; yellowish-cream glaze inside.

Name Plate
1920 – 1966

Name plate for a door -- curvy rectangular metal frame with two screw holes. Rectangular plate with white background and blue letters reading "J.S. DEBLOIS." 

circa 1954

A color postcard depicting the Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. on Washington Square, c. 1954. The five-story building is located on a corner, with arched windows at ground level, regularly-placed rectangul...

Souvenir plate: blue transfer design of six Newport sites arranged around central motif of the Old Stone Mill. "Souvenir Of Newport, R.I." Made for Captain C. D. Dadley of Newport by Rowland and Ma...

1950 – 1980

Many pencils, imprinted with names of various Newport businesses. Distributed as advertising by merchants in the city. Also one from Coggeshall family reunion 1982, and some campaign give-aways.

Knife, Oyster
20th century

Oyster knife, commercially made, turned wooden handle (unfinished), with narrow forged steel blade, copper ferrule. Used for shucking oysters.

Knife, Oyster
20th century

Oyster knife with wooden handle, tapered and beveled blade of forged steel. Commercially made. Used for shucking oysters.

20th century

Loose scrapbook pages annotated by Samuel Honey (unconfirmed.) Photographs include Fort Adams in 1865, and the following families: Honey, Griswold, McCarty, Bedlow, and Cross. Includes a short stor...

Ring, Life
1930 – 1950

Life ring, a flotation device, painted white with "VIM" and "Oyster Bay, N.Y." painted in gold letters with blue trim. Line attached around outside. From Vanderbilt's 12-meter racing yacht, "VIM."

circa 1950

Black velvet trimmed with draped band of mauve and purple velvet. Narrow wired brim. The inner band of gold and red woven pattern tape. The crown is crushed. "Baker" is embroidered on the band.

circa 1950

Gray velour hat with a draped red velvet band and bow. Brim turned up on one side. Inner band with multicolor woven pattern tape. "Baker" is embroidered on band.

circa 1950

Maroon velour hat with close fitting brin with an inner band of red and gold woven pattern tape. Two side combs attached and elastic cord. ''Baker" embroidered on band.

circa 1950

Brown felt hat with a close fitting brim turned up on the left side. The right side is folded and draped with an inner band of brown grosgrain ribbon. Two side combs attached and elastic cord. "Bak...

circa 1947 – 1960

Lavender felt hat in a mushroom shaoe with a puffed brim sewed in scallop effect. The inner band is made of black grosgrain. Two side combs are attached with elastic cord. "Baker" is embroidered on...

91.49.6 AB
circa 1950

Round pink hatbox with lid; gold trim and label; gold colored cord handle across tip; (label: clip ons, veils, straw beret indicates former contents. Marked with Eleanor H. Baker 4 Thurston Ave.

circa 1950

Light blue tulle (turban) trimmed with veiling, inner band with blue grosgrain, trimmed at back with three fabric leaves.

circa 1950

White tulle (turban) with inner band of white grosgrain.

91.49.10 AB
circa 1950

Square tan hat box, green polka dots on lid, plastic pull out handles on side from J.J. Hudson Co, Detroit (label: white wreath indicates former contents.

circa 1950

Knee-length party dress with blue velvet straps over shoulders; cotton fabric with purple, blue and green floral print; fabric is woven with velvet accents; two half flower decorations sewn onto wa...

circa 1950

White silk dress with green, blue and pink floral pattern; short sleeves, square insert, beaded bodice. From the California Shop, Newport, RI.

circa 1950

Mid-calf-length petticoat with satin and lace trim; upper third is a stretchy nylon material, elastic waist, two layers of fabric with three layers of ruffles along hem. Labels says it's a size 12.

Pair of women's high heeled shoes (spike heels), blue dyed silk, heels have steel base. Dark blue cardboard shoebox with "pierre" printed on top and sides.

Men's dress pumps, black leather with grosgrain bow at toe.

Pair of woman's aqua colored dyed silk spike heeled shoes. Shoebox is aqua colored cardboard with "Vincent Draper" logo printed on it.

1930 – 1970

Matchbook covers (number unclear).

93.21 AB
1850 – 1950

Late 19th or early 20th c. Toy ice wagon. White and blue body, black chasis, pulled by 2 brown horses with black manes and tails. Horses form one unit with front wheels. Black wheels attached to wa...

Round white plate, fluted edge, gold rim, black decoration: Newport jazz festival, portraits of Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, stylized sketches of jazz musicians. Balfour logo on ...

1943 – 1960

Soft drink type, medium green bottle, wide ribs on top and bottom. Embossed around middle . No soda is remaining. Embossed: 'Coca-Cola/ Trade Mark / Registered/ min. Contents 6 fl ozs'. (label prin...

1938 – 1955

Clear glass ashtray, round with projecting squared edge, slots at corners to rest cigarettes. Red center with white text and illustration of store front. Text: "Aidinoff's Liquor Store/Newport's fa...

1930 – 1950

Felt with ostrich feather and peach plume. 

1940 – 1950

Brown felt with ostrich plume. 

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