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Dark blue silk sleeve hoops. Possibly 3 hoops.

Long white kid gloves.

Empire style dress in white. Muslin embroidery with all over design. High waist; low neck; puffed sleeves trimmed with four rows of cording. Pink taffeta slip may be contemporary.

Lady's fancy work bag. Bronze and maroon leather and silk. Center panels of leather serving as a pin and needle case.

White cotton, full fashioned stockings with silk embroidery in a dot and leaf pattern. Inverted V at the top of the stockings with a red line inside the hems.

Pair of fine cotton, natural color, ladies full fashion stockings woven in a narrow stripe with a 1-1/8" hem at the top. Fine quality and soft thread.

Full fashioned stockings with cotton toes and silk heels and feet. Plain and lace knit.

Full fashion stocking of cotton with a silk embroidered clock on the outside of each leg. The narrow clock starts at the middle of the foot and ends in a point at the beginning of the calf.

White stockings, cotton with silk embroidery that starts about 2-3/4" above the toe and runs to a few inches above the ankle. Design of dots, diamonds, and petal shapes. A has a blue emblem of a wr...

Ladies cotton stocking with knit lace and silk embroider on the instep and up the leg to the calf.

Unbleached hoop petticoat. Linen and split reed or over 3 groups hoops, placket holes padded with wool ovver hips. Tapes which will tie petticoat in oval form.

18th century

Men's white stickings made of fine silk. Full fashioned, embroidered white clocks. Similiar but not identical to D42.

18th century

Men's white sine silk stockings. Machine made, with white silk clock. Similiar but not identical to D43.

Colored flowers on cream ground. Brocade, bound with dark green ribbon. High, broad heels; medium toe. Very heavy leather soles.

42.1.32 AB
18th century

Silver gray satin gown. Long sleeved with train, opening over matching petticoat. This gown, originally made about 1775, has been made over to approximate style of 1783-1793. This alteration may be...

42.1.33 AB
18th century

Polonaise dress made of pink and white striped silk and tafetta with fancy stripes. Back of gown same as D19. Separate petticoat has 2 pinked and plaited flounces. Untrimmed sleeves. Designed to be...

Double breasted deep cream color sleeveless waistcoat, two pockets, twenty-five buttons down front.

White sleeveless waistcoat with embroidered flowers, leaves and geometric designs in white. Right side is longer than the left side which is severely ragged. Two pockets.

White cotton twill waistcoat with embroidered front. Arms are missing, lined with linen.

Stay (corset)
18th century

Unbleached stays with large, overlapping tabs. Two different linens used for lining. No shoulder straps.

Blue silk quilted petticoat lined with homespun linen. Border design of tulips, carnations and leaves.

42.1.20 AB
18th century

Pair of ladies white cotton full fashion stockings; 2 pink lines in the hem at the top of each stocking. Machine knit.

42.1.17 AB
18th century

Pair of men's white full fashion stockings; clocks on each side of leg; 4 diamond shaped designs at the top.

42.1.21 AB
18th century

Pair of pink colored ladies full fashion knit stockings; white inset gusset; ornate knit clocks w/ inverted v and white pattern; interior of hem is white w/ a purple line around it. Elaborate woven...

18th century

Man's white silk stocking, machine woven, full fashioned; two purple lines woven into the top of the stocking; woven clocks of various types start at the foot and continue up to the top of the stoc...

18th century

Man's white silk stocking w/ clocks on each side; it has been mended in many places, especially in the foot, toe and heel areas. Leg of one cut off at top presumably to mend others.

Lady's fancy bag. White, embroidered with moss rose in colored silk. Contains table of Kings of England , ending with George III, 1760.

1750 – 1799

Tan dress made of silk damask, floral motive with framing. Short sleeves, cinched waist, two narrow ruchings at elbow. Petticoat is missing.

Polonaise dress in white taffeta with a floral design in cherry. Brocaded stripe and rosebuds. Bodice and train sewed together but cut separately (i.e. no "Walteau" effect). Separate petticoat of s...

Lady's fancy bag. White, embroidered with violas in colored silks. Embroidered panel on each side, connected by puffed strip made by winding a pinch of material with thread. The initials "KM" are o...

Pink long sleeved taffeta dress and petticoat. Laced-up lower sleeves.

Dress (garment)
1775 – 1799

White and lavender striped dress. V-neck with sash around neck. Cuffs are pleated and fan out around the arm. Free pleats in front of bodice; 3 graduated pink ruffles at elbow. Back of dress; pleat...

1783 – 1800

"Directoire" Style bodice of rose and gold changeable or "shot-silk;" maroon stripes. Long sleeves, low neck, short tails, collar, double fronts, trimmed with plaited silk touche. Contemporary comm...

White satin shoes, trimmed with paillets and small floral design in silver. No heel, heavy leather sole, very pointed toe. Lined with coarse linen, bound with white ribbon.

White satin vest. Six satin buttons on each side. Piece of silk in left pocket. Double-breasted, high neck. Back of vest is cotton with three sets of ties.

1800 – 1850

Men's 3/4 length stockings. White with blue line in top. Silk jersey or stockinette, rib and herringbone effect. "Derbyshire rib" as cited in Encyclopedia Britannica. Cut and sewed together with pl...

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