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1st century BCE

Tessera from the mosaic in the floor of the Temple of Venus in Pompeii. 

Tessera and concrete tile thought to be part of the mosaic floor at the Palace of Caligula on Palatine Hill in Rome.

Small bundle of off-white yarn wound together. Appears to be made of a natural fiber.

A loose document found with the William Engs school papers; document was probably part of a larger artihmetic workbook. Multiplication, division, "The Rule of Three," and mensuration are discussed ...

Woodcut print of the John Clarke Church, which is the oldest Baptist Church in America (from 1638). Scene depicts the church's steeple with surrounding buildings on Spring Street.

Undated woodcut print depicting General Washington being escorted by the Count de Rochambeau to the allied headquarters at the Vernon House on March 6, 1781. The image shows the par walking towards...

Maple chair with bow back Windsor arm chair painted black; slightly resembles a Captain's chair'; 13 spindles; front spindles, legs and stretcher are turned; saddle seat.

Four windowpanes, etched " ? Nalby(?)", "This is not a residence for Marquis", "Martin Bersons", "count de Vom(?)"

The last will and testament of Thomas Brownell of Little Compton, in which he bequeaths his homestead farm to Richard Brownell, a 50 acre lot to his son, Thomas Brownell, the sum of 300 pounds to h...

Brown, shoulder length wig. Netting on the inside with tag that reads, 'Edith Eimre for Lord & Taylor.'

Pie crimper with a circle carved into pinwheel shape held in wood handle.

Silver jagging wheel with 4 spokes attached to a t-shaped handle with steel pin. Handle and wheel are perpendicular to one another and are decorated with incised geometric ornamentation. The initia...

A wooden-handled wax stamp seal with the Newport seal -- a sheep on grass surrounded by the words: "Newport Rhode Island Town Council."

A stick-shaped piece of black sealing wax approximately 3 1/4" long, white wick at bottom of piece. Made by Walkden's of England.

Bound book filled with waz seals in alphabetical order, German names, belonged to Frederic Sherman of New York.

red wax seal, paper with seal on it. Seal of a bird, a crown and swords "Agencia Comercial del Imperio Mexicano, Nueva York"

Red wax seal, small seated animal, possibly a dog, hexagon shaped seal, initials 'A.F.H'. Seal is attached to a small box.

Curved beam ("knee timber") from the US frigate "Constitution".

Landscape scene looking southward towards Fort Adams and downtown Newport. Large grassy hill with stone surroundings and white tower. Middleground has farmland with haystacks and leads to the hazy ...

Watercolor painting and ink drawing of the Yacht "America." The yacht has two masts and billowing sails. A long blue pennant marked with a "B" flies from the rear mast, and a small greet pennant fl...

Watercolor painting of Waites Wharf depicts 3 docked sailboats and their reflections in the water. Buildings in the background.

Watercolor depicting a scene in town with three figures right close in the foreground. Tall walls and buildings surround them. In the middle ground a horse-drawn carriage is going through a tunnel....

Silver watch and key; face is white with black roman numerals. Compass at bottom. Front is smooth except for central strip, has shield with "BTW"; back has same decorated strip with flower. Faded ...

Gold watch has white face and black roman numerals, hands at 8:40; second hand at bottom front cover has flowers swirl design, central design has 2 animal figures incorporated into it. Back cover ...

Gold watch has plastic covering over face; arabic numerals with hands at 5:55. Plain gold with no engraving; winding key hole on face near numeral 2. Opens to show works.

Plain silver watch has black arabic numerals on white face. Tall stem attached to havy chain. Glass has flat spot in center. Winding key hole on back; cover comes off; opens to show gold works. E...

Brass colored pocket watch. Inner ring of watch face is made of textured metal, outer ring is of white enamel with an enamel blue pattern; crystal protecting watch face is missing; hour and minute ...

Watch with expandable band, back engraved "To Conbr D.E. Cummings from Crew U.S.S. Sirius 12/4/30 tok 5/31/32

Small watch key with leather cord. Body of watch key is a razor or guillotine - perhaps a cigarette or cigarillo cutter. Key fits into 97.18.1 A. Seems to be a later addition.

Silver, large key wind, watch with a compass embedded in the face. Received by Mr. White after the death of his Uncle, Mr. Benjamin T. White, a local contractor.

Wallpaper fragment from Rhoades-Pease-King House. The fragile fragment features a pattern of orange flowers with black outlines on a green/gray background.

Dark leather wallet has raised floral and geometric designs in red, yellow and orange; 4 inside pockets; metal buckle with raised swirls.

Red leather pocketbook with printed gold filigree border. The pocket book features a strap and metal hardware closures. The interior features two compartments with tan leather yokes as trim.

Tan rectangular leather wallet with embossed motifs of floral and geometrical design as well as scenes depicting hounds and a hunter. At center front is a metal closure. The interior of the wallet ...

Small pebbled wallet with two interior billfold compartments. The exterior features metal corner details of an abstract design.

Reddish-brown wallet with three folding interior compartments, the lining is a pale off-white leather and is pink in other sections. The exterior is embossed with an eagle grasping a branch in one ...

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