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Pipe, Water
circa 1700 – 1900

18.5 inch section of wood water pipe (possibly oak). Cylindrical with hole bored in the middle. Found in Point section of Newport on 2nd Street between 1979-1980 and saved by the donor. One area of...

23.3.1 AB
Spoon, Salt
1785 – 1871

Two Salt Spoons with engraved initials: "EBJ" in script, handle end is an elongated rectangle. "Nichols" enclosed in a rectangle. Belonged to Edward and Bathsheba Tayer, married October 7, 1798.

Two alphabet sequences, one number sequence, no decorations, monochrome, done all in cross stitch.

2003.4.2 AB
1790 – 1900

A=eyeglasses with tarnished metal frames and green-tinted lenses. Lenses are oval with a "C" bridge, turnpin temple bars end in a circle. Black eyeglass case made of leather and cardboard.

1791 – 1875

Silhouette of Sylvester Robinson Hazard (1791-1875), black paper on tan, facing left; has a high collar with tie; gold painted frame. Makers mark: on back: "Sylvester Robinson Hazard/b. March 3, 1...

1792 – 1874

Silhouette of Dr. Rowland Robinson Hazard (1792-1874), black paper on tan, facing right; appears to have a thick, high collar; gold painted frame. Marked on back: "Dr. Rowland Robinson Hazard/b. F...

Mounted studio photograph of an unknown bearded man. Studio is printed on bottom left of recto: Leavitt. Address is printed as: 126 Bellevue Ave., Newport RI. 

19th century

White petticoat with three tier decoration four inches above the hem. A.H. Moore is stamped twice on the inside of the waist. Button closure at back of waist. Handsewn alteration visible near button.

D238 B
19th century

Gray silk fringed Quaker shawl, square. Attached tag reads 'Quaker Shawl, Rebecca Collins, D238 B'

19th century

Gold, yellow and brown wallpaper with maroon accents in the pattern. Two sections of fragments, both came from the stairwell of the Banister House at 56 Pelham Street, Newport, RI. There is another...

A view of Lake's Corner from the north side of Broadway, including pedestrians, horses, and cariages. 

19th century

Black-and-white photograph depicting the Travers Block on Bellevue Avenue in Newport. Horse drawn carriages are in the street. Shopfront signs include "J. Krakauer Ladies' Tailor & Hatter," "im...

Cream colored silk satin petticoat. 5 3/4 in. pleated ruffle at hem. Machine stitched. Pinked seam allowances. Gored panels. Longer in back than front. Meant to be worn over bustle. Closes in back ...

1800 – 1900

Light brown heathered wool petticoat with brown machine-embroidered hem. Glazed twill cotton waistband. Gathered evenly around waist. 5/8 in. mother of pearl button at waist. Hem turn up is selvage...

19th century

Small, square shawl embroidered in gold thread. Scalloped edges and laurel branches in corners.

19th century

Sheer muslin shawl embroidered in silver thread. Embroidery consists of scalloped edges, scattered dots across the majority of the ground, and sprigs and flowers at shorter ends. 

19th century

Yellowed muslin shawl embroidered with small chain stitch embroidered with small a small floral pattern. Three edges finished with 1/2 in. wide hems. One edge selvage. Shawl pieced from two separat...

Cream colored pique waistcoat with three pockets, a shawl collar, and three buttons at the center front. Two pockets on the PR breast, one on the PL left. Shawl collar 2 5/8 in. wide.The back panel...

Navy blue collarless wool vest with four welt pockets and five center front buttons. Two welt pockets on each breast. Lined with a faded light blue and cream striped cotton. Interior welt pocket on...

Cream colored two-piece evening dress with bertha and petticoat. Bodice A, Skirt B, Bertha C, petticoat D. Petticoat made of same ruffled tulle as decoration on bodice and bertha collar.

Cream colored two-piece evening dress with bertha and petticoat. Bodice A, Skirt B, Bertha C, petticoat D. Bertha made of same tulle that decorates bodice. 5 tiers of ruffled tulle comes to a cente...

FIC.2018.011 B
19th century

Cream colored two-piece evening dress with bertha and petticoat. Bodice A, Skirt B, Bertha C, petticoat D. Skirt had considerable fullness in back through pleats, but lacks the inner ties to suppor...

FIC.2018.011 A
19th century

Cream colored two-piece evening dress with bertha and petticoat. Bodice A, Skirt B, Bertha C, petticoat D. Bodice has extremely pointed front with high waist. Arms set off the shoulder with tulle p...

19th century

Black petticoat with a moire-like finish. Tiered ruffles around the hem. Outermost layer is flounced lace with a floral pattern. The lace varies in width from 12 1/2 in. to 7 3/4 in. Second layer i...

19th century

Ink sketch of windmill. Very precise lines and details. Grassy surroundings with flowers, a mushroom and a toad.

Inscribed, "Sisson, Pentunan"

19th century

Cloth banner featuring a painted image of a winged tiger holder antlers. This banner is likely Chinese and dates back to the Boxer Rebellion at the end of the nineteenth century.

Clay pipe with original reed stem. The bowl of the pipe features a ribbed pattern. Item was discovered on top of a beam in the attic of the Colony House during renovations in late December 2013.

D238 D
19th century

Quaker mantle in greenish gray wadded silk. Very large.

19th century

Used as installation material? Similar to D147 and D341.

19th century

Cotton stays with brass eyelets. Similar to D147.

19th century

Quilted petticoat in rose beige light wool, fancy weave. Lined in India calico, small palonette pattern in borwn on white.

19th century

White under petticoat made from cotton sheeting. Edging of heavy lace, hand sewed.

19th century

Bustle made from cotton, steel and elastic. Lace flounce. "Worn during transition period from hoop-skirt to bustle."

19th century

Scarlet wool shawl with persian border. Evidently a shawl cut from a scarf about 19 inches wide. Part fo border appliqued.

19th century

Quaker dove gray, satin shawl with narrow fringe.

19th century

Folding parasol with ivory handle, whalebone spokes, wood points. Point broken.

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