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1st century BCE

Tessera from the mosaic in the floor of the Temple of Venus in Pompeii. 

Tessera and concrete tile thought to be part of the mosaic floor at the Palace of Caligula on Palatine Hill in Rome.

Undated photographic print, likely 1880-1890, of an unidentified property. The property is adjoining a river or creek. Two men in a row boat are positioned in the water next to the house. Besides t...

Undated photographic print, likely 1880-1890, of Newport harbor. Several properties can be seen along the edge of the harbor, with sailboats and larger ships visible in the background. Print was or...

Undated photographic print, likely 1880-1890, of the original 40 steps. Standing at the base of the wooden stairs are a couple of people and a dog. Print was originally bound as part of a larger co...

Undated photographic print, likely 1880-1890, of a lawn tennis tournament at The Casino. Observers, many of whom are shaded by parasols, are both standing and seated around the court, where the gam...

Photographic print of The Minturn House at 53 Washington Street. Print is signed by Casey Roberts, and is undated. 

Photographic print of a Channing Street cottage, undated, with a garage visible in the rear. Address is unknown, though possibly 6 Channing Street. 

Gold button with anchor on front surrounded by starts and a small loop on the back

Gold button with an anchor on front and loop on back to attach to clothing. "Dennison's GG Quality. I presented a design to Admiral Duey, for a U.S. Naval Reserve button which he had the Naval desi...

This group of maps includes an overview of Clarke St including the different properties and buildings, as well as two drawings of what the houses look like from a street view.

This is a map of Newport that includes a street directory, a list of historical landmarks, as well as illustrations of specific landmarks with short descriptions. The map also includes the populati...

The front of this postcard depicts a photograph of a ceremony at the U.S. Naval War College on Coaster's Harbor Island. 

Photograph of the site of an old Mill, possibly 'Bosworth Mill', on West Broadway and Tanner Street, looking west. The site is an empty field, with several houses visible in the background. 

Navy blue wool military coat with high collar. Four pockets on front on coat. Five gold buttons with eagle, anchor and stars down front of coat (bottom most button is missing). One button on each p...

Child's ivory bonnet. Lace and crochet along the sides and edges. Crochet flower in the center of the back with long ribbons.

Photograph of a windmill in a barren field, location unidentified. Photograph is mounted on a sheet of card, with the number 29 hand written in the bottom right corner. 

Photograph of the Wilbur House on 53 Washington Street.

Photograph of Mann Avenue, under a blanket of snow.

Photograph of Newport harbor, showing a number of sailboats. 

Photograph of Newport harbor, showing a number of sailboats. 

Photograph of an unidentified man and women. Both are seated, and appear to be in discussion. The man is wearing a suit jacket and bow tie, while the woman is wearing a dress with a large white bow...

This is a copy photograph of the pavilion at Easton's beach, captured before 1889. The photograph shows a horse drawn carriage moving along the middle of the road. The pavilion structure can be see...

Photograph of an unidentified young boy, seated on a lawn with a jack russell terrier dog. 

Photograph of three unidentified young children, two boys and one girl. The boys are seated on a low chair, and the girl is kneeling besides them. The photograph is housed in a black leather case, ...

Photograph of a unknown family seated on a sofa in a living room. There are three young children, two girls and one boy, seated between a man and a woman. A large black poodle is seated on the floo...

Photograph of a unknown family around a dinner table in a kitchen. Seated at the table is a large black poodle and a young boy, with a woman standing over them. 

Photograph of an unknown young woman. She is wearing a white sweater and pearls. 

Studio photograph of an unidentified woman. The woman is standing, with one hand resting on her hip. She is wearing an ankle length white dress with a collar, and her hair styled in a pompadour.

This is a map of Southern Newport and the local fishing points.

This map shows the placement of French and British fleets, as well as camps and forts during a siege on Newport. 3 copies of this map.

This is a map of Rhode Island during the Revolutionary period, with an index of forts, beacons and coast guard stations. Folded paper, with title on the front that says "With the Season's Greetings...

This is an annotated map of a berthing plan for Newport Harbor.

This map shows proposed improvements to the East end of Long Wharf in Newport. 

This is a map of Jamestown advertising vacationing there. It has a short description of the map at the bottom. 

Newport Daily News glass plate negative of a baseball game at Wellington Park. The photograph shows spectators in the grand stand at the park, looking out towards the field. 

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