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A photograph album associated with John Stedman Ward. Album mainly features photographs of men, women, and children in outdoor settings, including Easton's Beach. Album also includes several photos...

Wood diptych with brass hinge. Center of front and back cover are painted black. When opened the left panel shows a painted four leaf clover and the words 'four Leaf Clover Wrecked at Seaconnet Aug...

Painted wooden horse and rider has a wooden base with runners for the horse's feet. The horse is painted dark brown with white fetlocks and wears blinders. The rider wears a baggy blue outfit with ...

Clear glass retangular bottle. Round neck with no stopper. 'Caswell Hazard & Co/Chemists/New York & Newport,' embossed on one side.

Child's long white apron. Short sleeved with tucks along the waist and some detail on the sleeves and bodice. Tie closure at back, open skirt. Ruffles down the sides of the skirt.

A leather apron painted with Masonic symbols, including a sun, a star with a hand and heart, a moon with stars, and scales. A half-circle fold at top depicts an eye and the letters "P" and "G." Apr...

Green, brown, and cream plaid Gingham.

Sheer baby's bonnrt with embroidered flower fabric.

Small oval police badge, made of brass with pin attached to back. Stamped with "NewPort Police, 1638."

White metal fireman's badge, traditional shape; raised letters. Embossed with "Fire/Department/Newport/R.I." at top; number "2" cut out in center; "Engineman" engraved at bottom.

Pin and pendant joined by a white & brown ribbon. The top pin has an image of the old stone mill, a flame, and the words 'Washington #4 K.T." and 'Newport, RI'; hanging from the ribbon is a c...

Pair of white silk flat ballet slippers, square toes, two thin long ribbon ties on each slipper, bow on each shoe. Small round, open work ornament in the middle of the bow.

"Trick Dog" on base. Clown holds hoop; dog holds coin in mouth, jumps through hoop and drops coin into well. Black metal - clown has remnants of red and gold paint on hat, face, buttons and boots; ...

Gray elephant has blue and gold blanket under red chair on its back, red strap reaches all the way around. Coin goes from elephant's trunk to front of seat when tail is pulled. See also #01.937, #0...

"Monkey Bank" in gold letters. Monkey is dressed in yellow jacket, red pants, black & red hat, and holds coin in mouth. Puts coin into organ grinder's box when lever is pulled. Organ grinder i...

Clown has blue cap with red point; white face and red eyebrows, cheeks, mouth and blue eyes; red vest with yellow buttons, collar & belt; blue sleeves and knickers with yellow wrist fringe and ...

Painted metal bank has slot in roof for coins; policeman with club stands by chicken waiting for thief who pops in and out of door. Reproduction from the original in the collection of the "Book of ...

Wooden bank in the shape of a two wing building with doors and windows painted on. Painted above the front doors are the words "National Savings Bank". The roof has red simulated shingle and a slo...

Wood water barrel (breaker) with 6 metal strips.

Water barrel (breaker) with wooden barrel part and metal rings. Taken from the USS Brooklyn.

Handheld brass bell with wood handle, round metal hanging weight inside bell; incised line around bottom portion of bell; flat topped handle.

Wooden sphere covered with copper, with a copper tube attached. Sphere painted gold, tube pained black. Attached is a paper label "300".

Military belt, found inside D270. Made from leather with a plain brass buckle.

Small engraved block. The initials "M.S."

Chemisette "clerical tucked vest." Piece of white cotton, finely tucked.

Bodice made of lustrous green fabric with 17 buttons down front. Buttons are green and designed with 9 beads within an engraved square geometric pattern. Presents some hand stitching, and uneven ta...

White homespun linen bolster case. Matched D474

White homespun linen bolster case.

White bolster case of homespun linen.

Part of a peasant costume. Black satin weave mohair bonnet. Lined with green wool damask. Cap like bonnet with deep pouted cape. Pleated crown.

White fur covered bonnet with blush colored ribbon detailing.

Black, quilted winter bonnet. Black ribbon tie with ivory colored lining.

Black quilted bonnet with embossed flower detail across the head and neck. Wavy ruffle detail along the face and a black ribbon tie under the chin. The inner lining is brown linen.

Brown and white gingham pattern bonnet. Ruffle detailing around the edges and at the neck.

A bonnet made of a brown open weave fabric. Features include a brim with several rows of gathering, a gathered panel at bottom, and two ties at sides. Interior is lined with a slightly darker plain...

Tan bonnet with boning throughout. Small ruffle around the brim and large ruffle at back.

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