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Eagle, wooden, painted gold. Originally sat on gateposts of Metcalf Bowler Estate in Portsmouth before the Revolution, later hung on buildings of United States Hotel, Townsend's Coffee House, Hamme...

Blue and brown strip of plaid linen. 3 pieces - the yellow dye was probably saffron. Was used as part of a bed curtain. Ticketed "Spun and women previous to 1790."

before 1927

Souvenir photo booklet of Newport. Contains photos of Old Stone Mill-Touro Park; Statue of Commodore Matthew C. Perry-Touro Park; The Casino; Court of the Casino; entrance to Jews' Cemetery; one pa...

Wood box covered with animal skin, perhaps calfskin, held in place with nailed leather straps. There is a handle on the top of the box, and a locking clasp at the front. The interior of the box is ...

before 1941

Buttonhook, metal, shaped like an axe; stamped on ax-head is word "Seabury", and on the blade the words "Boots and Shoes". An oval opening at the end of he handle is the buttonhook itself.

A cabinet card depicting an image of Commodore Matthew C. Perry. Image appears to be a photograph of a painting. Card was produced in Tokyo, Japan; a gold embossed maker's mark with Japanese charac...

before 1971

A white net cap bordered with a band of white ribbon. Owned by Mrs. T.E. McLaughlin (Georgia Bright McLaughlin) of Newport, R.I.

before 1843

Infant's cap with wadded hood. Green silk like that used in caleches. Trout ruffle also similiar.

Cap (headgear)
before 1843

White infant's cap of very fine cotton. Fancy woven stripe. Drawstring at face and behind ears.

A carte de visite depicting Edwin Booth. Printed text reads "EDWIN BOOTH./EAST GRAND CIRCUS PARK,/Detroit." Booth's signature can be seen at bottom left.

before July 31 1891

A carte-de-visite depicting a young boy wearing a jacket and necktie. Handwriting at bottom edge (front) reads: "J...[illegible]." Handwriting on reverse reads: Jacob Wa...[illegible]-/Gave this ...

A carte-de-visite depicting Richard Morris Hunt. Portrait appears in an oval shape; Hunt has a long moustache and wears a coat and necktie. Carte was produced in Nice, France by F. Chardonnet (lo...

before 1935

Green wool coat lined with black silk. Six buttons on front of coat covered in black cloth with a checkerboard design. Each cuff has three of these checkerboard buttons but they are smaller than th...

Comb, Hair
before 1870

Child's comb with a tortoise shell decoration. Comb is an 'Alice in Wonderland' style.

Saucer is white with gold around rim, two gold rings in center and "Capt. Hazard" written in gold in the center. Cup is white with gold around inner rim and thin gold ring below; handle has indenta...

before 1812

Metal holder with two end rings surrounds round part with 3 large grooves. Tag reads: "Deadeye from man-of-war 'Macedonian' captured by us frigate "United States" on October 25, 1812.

91.14.5 AB
before 1807

Pencil and watercolor drawing of hit of Sarah Obadiah, near New Bedford, MA. Supposedly done with aid of camera obscura. Front of the drawing reads, "Hut of Sarah Obadiah, an aged Indian. Near New ...

before 1932

Pencil sketch in brown of small structure next to a tree. A three mast ship sails in the background. Very loose pencil strokes with detail only depicted in the boat.

Thin wooden architectural fragment with paper label attached. Label is faded and somewhat waterstained, wood is ragged on ends and smooth on long sides. Overall, very small item.

golf ball
before 2008

Golf ball with three sets of images printed on the surface. "Pinnacle 3" appears twice and the insignia Newport National Golf Club.

before 1937

Brass key used on the steamship 'Priscilla' for stateroom 232.

Piece of black lace.

A navy blue wool U.S. Navy flat hat, probably owned by Alfred Bryan. Inside of hat has a leather sweatband, a black lining, and a brown diamond-shaped patch sewn to the crown. A label with the numb...

D360 AB
before 1848

Black net mitts embroidered on hand with a flower flanked by small buds.

before 1888

Brass nameplate fragment with part of the name "Bristol" cut stencil style through the plate. The "Bristol", a steamer in the Fall River Line, burned in Newport Harbor in 1888. This plate is dama...

before 1938

A black and white negative (Kodak "Safety" film) depicting the Easton's Beach roller coaster and a large billboard. Automobiles and a pile of wodd are visible at foreground; billboard reads as foll...

A photographic portrait of Dr. Marcus Wheatland. This particular copy is a negative created using an original photograph.

Painting of large steamboat; "Providence" written on ship in red letters in center; front of boat reads: "Fall River Line" also in red; eight flags on ship; many passengers visible; greenish-blue w...

Portrait of Robert B. Cranston, half-length protrait; he wears a black coat with gold buttons, a frilly white shirt, and a black cravat. He has reddish brown hair with large sideburns, and brown ey...

Portrait of John Gidley, Jr. (1700-1744) in a three-quarter length portrait facing the right. His right hand is at his waist, while the left hand leans on an edge; dressed in a white blouse with fl...

before 1916

A photograph depicting George H. Richardson, a long-time member of the staff of the Newport Historical Society. Richardson is pictured wearing a pinstripe suit with waitcoat and bow tie; he is most...

A cabinet card depicting American Civil War General Ambrose Burnside (1824-1881). Burnside is seen wearing a coat, waistcoat, and white collar; he has white hair. Photograph by Manchester Brothers,...

Cabinet card depicting Elizabeth B. Finch. She is wearing a dress with bell sleeves, and her left arm is resting on a pedestal. Her hair is curled and tied up with ribbons. Photo is marked "Rockwo...

A photograph of the Old Colony Railroad's Engine 12 on a turntable in Newport; a roundhouse, made of brick, is visible in the background. Three railroad workers are visible on the engine; one is st...

A matted photograph of Washington Square, looking east towards the Oliver Hazard Perry Monument. The Oliver Hazard Perry House is visible at far right; the Zion Episcopal Church (later St. Joseph's...

A photograph depicting a house at the corner of Cherry Street and Guerney Court. House appears to be dilapidated and abandoned; exterior is damaged, and vegetation is overgrown throughout. A wareho...

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