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Account book
1770 – 1803

Most of the entries in this volume date from the 1793 to 1803 and are the accounts of  Deacon John Irish of Middletown. They document buying and selling of crops and livestock, including corn, butt...

Alms Dish
1750 – 1800

Felt-lined alms box with dark wood exterior and yellow-orange felt interior. Rectangular with a small handle on one side.

2012.52 AB
1760 – 1820

Set of brass and iron andirons from the Robinson House, located at 64 Washington Street.

circa 1787 – 1788

A list of candidates for Rhode Island political offices, including governor, deputy governor, assistants, secretary, attorney general, and general treasurer. Also includes candidates for "Delegates...

A 1787 list of candidates for Rhode Island political offices, including governor, deputy governor, assistants, secretary, attorney general, and general treasurer. Also includes candidates for "Dele...

A printed list of candidates for Rhode Island political offices, including governor, deputy governor, assistants, secretary, attorney general, and general treasurer. Also includes a list of men for...

1750 – 1799

Mahogany pilaster-shaped with stop-fluting, molded cornice brass plate at capital with engraved barometric readings for winter and summer, flowers; maker's name and "Newport". On brass face: "D. Wi...

1775 – 1825

Gray, brown silk bound with brown ribbon lined with lam's wool (might have faded from violet). Originally cataloged as "coverlet"

1783 – 1800

"Directoire" Style bodice of rose and gold changeable or "shot-silk;" maroon stripes. Long sleeves, low neck, short tails, collar, double fronts, trimmed with plaited silk touche. Contemporary comm...

1775 – 1825

Woman's working dress or short gown. Indigo blue and white stripes, made from homespun linen. Low neck, long sleeves, sht. peplum. Swatch of similiar material among Wilbour samples. Wardrobe: 3rd F...

1775 – 1825

Natural, unbleached homespun linen. Simple bodice, small cut at lower back of bodice. Wardrobe: Third floor E, Drawer: A

FIC.2018.025 B
18th century

Detached bodice from what was once a one piece dress with FIC.2018.025 A. Tag "Dress of Miss Gilbert dau. of Capt John Gilbert [...] killed in battle 1756 or 8 see [pedigree])) married Dr. Alexande...

Bonnet (hat)
18th century

Black silk Quaker bonnet lined in white. Homespun linen and square mesh linen gauze and a piece of marbled cardboard used in stiffening.

circa 1780

Chestnut-type bottle, dark amber, broad wide kick, flanged lip.

18th century

Pale, aqua-colored glass, irregular globular body pinched in on two sides, cylindrical neck, with flange, slight kick with pontil mark.

Pale aqua-colored glass, tall tapered body, very slight shoulder, slight flange, pontil mark.

Bottle, pale green, cylindrical body, sloping shoulders, flared lip, large kick, pontil mark. Paper label reads: "Lead Water Sold By C. G. C. Hazard Druggist And Apothecary, No 87, Thames Street."

Bottle, Snuff
18th century

Amber-colored, square shaped body, with sloping shoulder, short neck, pontil mark. Probably used to hold snuff.

Bowl, Eating
1785 – 1830

Deep scalloped porcelain bowl with a canton border; center motif with a bridge, trees and buildings in the foreground, more buildings and boats and mountains in the background.

Bowl, Punch
1785 – 1830

Punch bowl with a wide network border on the inside with spearhead and dumbbell design and a gold stripe at the very edge of the bowl. Border is repeated on the outside edge, but as a narrower band...

Bowl, Punch
1785 – 1830

Ironstone punch bowl with canton border on the inside and lattice border on the outside. Pattern on the inside of the bowl is in a circle with a bridge, house, trees, boats and mountains. The outsi...

Bowl, Serving
1785 – 1830

Porcelain scalloped edge serving bowl with blue network, spearhead and dumbbell border-this matches the various plates of the set; center design is of a small island with a fisherman fishing from a...

Bowl, Serving
1785 – 1830

Deeply scalloped, medium size, shallow ironstone bowl; could be used as a serving bowl for vegetables, salad or fruit. There are three branches with cherries on the outside of the bowl. Inside the ...

Bowl, Serving
1785 – 1830

Shallow, scalloped porcelain bowl similar to 97.18.109. Canton border and same center motif as 97.18.109. Outside of bowl has three cherry branches on a white background.

An oblong ironstone vegetable dish with a cover. The bowl has four floral designs on the outside - one on each side. Inside there is a canton border at the top of the dish and a lattice border arou...

Bowl, Serving
1785 – 1830

Diamond shaped ironstone vegetable bowl with a canton border on the rim of the bowl. Outside of bowl has a floral design at each point. Inside bowl has a lattice border with a scene of tree, buildi...

Bowl, Serving
1750 – 1850

Ironstone Nanking serving bowl, blue design on celadon background w/ Nanking border.

97.18.40 AB
Bowl, Tea
1750 – 1850

A: Nanking ironstone tea bowl, possibly for tea or rice, blue design on white/celadon background. B: Underplate in same design. Subjects include mountains, trees, home and water.

Bowl (vessel)
1780 – 1815

Two sides of square-shaped bowl have small floral sprays in deep blue; other two sides have initials "W.P." in deep blue and gold; deep blue banding.

Bowl (vessel)
1775 – 1800

Porcelain bowl with exterior decoration of a building with the flag of England on top and the opposite side depicts a ship between polychrome flowers; decorative band around the rim.

Bowl (vessel)
1775 – 1800

Reserve panels on front and back with polychrome scene of "The Judgement Of Paris". Interior has two gold fish.

Bowl, Waste
1785 – 1815

Waste bowl for tea set. Medallion on front and back containing floral sprays; thin decorative bands around top edge inside and outside of bowl; decoration in deep blue, gold and orange.

Men's pink satin breeches

Men's white wool breeches

Men's white wool breeches

Man's breeches in tan made from jersey cloth, cotton, with ribbed back. Made and worn by James Gould, who was a tailor. His business established in 1763, died in 1812.

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