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2002.10 A-E
before 1898

One side of the case depicts a leaping horse. The other side shows three dogs in a rural setting. The dog side of the case is in worse condition than the side depicting the horse. The face of the w...

before 1950

Purple souvenir book featuring photographs of Newport attractions. Title page reads, "Newport Rhode Island, Street Scenes, Principle Residences and Places of Interest". Published by David Rubin in ...

A transparency depicting Eolus, a steamship that provided service between Wickford, Rhode Island and Newport. Ship is most likely pictured in Newport Harbor.

A glass plate positive image, probably for use in a magic lantern (stereopticon) projection unit. The image depicts a view of Bath Road looking east. A carriage, as well as the outline of a house, ...

Toy, Car
before 1916

Painted wood model of side pumper, red with black and gold trim; metal pumping mechanism, wooden handles. Solid wooden wheels, smaller front wheels on swivel. Air chamber is reproduction of origina...

A blue glass swizzle stick with a yellow ball at top. Along the stem reads, "New England Steamship Co. Serving All New England" and features a flag printed with "NE". Identical to 2006.13.3.

(a) 19th century brass spring lancet used for bloodletting. (b) Wooden case with latch for lancet.

before 1880

Upper frame only from street lamp. Glass missing; no pole or ladder support. This lamp was probably from a street corner, as it has a slot on each side for a street name plate.

before 1892

A stereograph depicting a view of Washington Square, looking west. The Brick Market is visible in the distance at right. Printed label on reverse reads: "Washington Square,/NEWPORT, R.I./PHOTOGRAPH...

A stereograph image depicting the Aquidneck Hotel on Pelham Street.

Image was produced by Newport photographer Joshua A. Williams (d. 1892), whose printed label on reverse reads:

before 1892

A stereograph depicting the Old Stone Mill in Touro Park. The Mill is shown covered in ivy.

Stereograph was produced by Joshua A. Williams of Newport; his studio label, affixed to rever...

before 1862

This small box looks like a book on the outside. It has brown/red velvet with gold detailing. The inside of the box is lined with Prussian blue paper and has a mirror on the left side in a gold fra...

before 1846

Pencil sketch of Newport's town crier, John Allen. Man is using crutches and ringing a bell. Allen died June 6, 1846 at the age of 67.

before 1833

Full length silhouette of woman (Sarah) facing right. Dressed in 19th century style with long dress, hair up in bun, holding a fan. Black on light paper, no frame. Written on back in pencil: "Befor...

Paper grocery bag with black lettering: 'Julius Sayer, Wholesale & Retail Grocer, 207 Thames St., Directly Opposite Kinsley's Express Office, Newport, R.I. Constantly On Hand Every Description ...

before 1937

A single 7" long leather shoe in poor condition. The shoe has been slattened, appears to have an instep strap. Piece of paper glued onto foot of shoe reads 'Child's shoe, found in attic of Maudsley...

before 1800

A single baby's leather shoe in poor condition; very old and brittle. Four holes at toe, instep strap is torn, sticthing on side of shoe is unravelling. Piece of paper found with shoe reads 'shoe f...

Shingle Tile
before 1894

Piece of roof slate with 1 3/4" hole made by a hailstone in a storm on July 14, 1894; small hole to accommodate nail. Marked "10" on the underside.

Shadow Box
before 1926

Showdow box with a three masted ship. The sails and wake created by the ship are three-dimensional, and strings with beads are used to represent ropes. Encasement is a wooden framed box painted bla...

before 1893

Turned cylinder (goblet shape), may have heavier metal in core, seal inscription surrounds image of scales of justice. Inscription: "Court of Compleas, Newport."

before 1900

Box 4 contains Miss Elizabeth Swinburne's scrapbook from before 1900. The scrapbook includes many ticket stubs, maps, photographs, postcards, and pressed flowers and leaves from various pleaces thr...

A photomechanical print that appears to have been cut from an unknown source. Print features several houses along the Cliff Walk, including The Breakers (original house, destroyed by fire in 1892)...

A photograph of the Colony House and the Levi Gale House, taken from Meeting Street. Trees in Washington Square are visible at right; an automobile is visible on the road at center. Structure at fo...

A stereograph depicting the Mrs. William M. Coles House, Bellevue Avenue at Dixon Street. House has a half-timbered exterior and is bordered by a fence and trees. Photographs by Joshua Appleby Will...

A matted photograph depicting Washington Square, looking east towards the Oliver Hazard Perry Monument. A parterre in the shape of an anchor is visible at foreground; a pool surrounded by flowers i...

A photograph depicting buildings at the corner of Spring and Church Streets. Two carriages and street railroad tracks are visible on Spring Street; hedges and a fence bordering Trinity Church's chu...

A matted photograph depicting buildings along Spring Street at the intersection of Mill Street. A fire hydrant and a streetlamp are visible at foreground; signs for Thomas E. Shea's Plumbing and "P...

A matted photograph depicting a street railroad car traveling down Levin Street near St. Mary's Church (see left). Road is covered in snow; signs on car read "BROADWAY" and "SNOW BIRD".

A matted photograph depicting Parkgate (later the Elks Lodge), a house located at the corner of Bellevue Avenue and Pelham Street. A fence, sidewalk, and leafless trees are visible at foreground.

A photograph of Stone Villa, located on Bellevue Avenue. House is partially covered in ivy at left; a porch supported by columns at right is obscured by tall plants. The property's yard is partly s...

A photograph of houses on Levin Street, looking west. The steeple of St. Mary's Church is visible in the background; an automobile can be seen at far right. Photograph by Jonas Bergner (1859-1936).

A matted photograph of Lime Rock Lighthouse; caption reads: "No. 250. 'Lime Rock Lighthouse' Ida Lewis Keeper." A small outbuilding and a fence are visible adjacent to the the lighthouse at left...

A matted photograph depicting Chateau-Nooga, also known as Baldwin Cottage, located at the corner of Bellevue and Narragansett Avenues (420 Bellevue Ave). The house is seen surrounded by several le...

A stereograph of the John Bansiter House on the corner of Spring and Pelham Streets. A carriage and three pedestrians are visible at center. Image by J.A. Williams (d. 1892). Printed label on re...

A photograph of stairs and railings from a second floor hall at the Hunter House. A religious statue is visible on a landing at center; photograph was most likely taken when the house served as a c...

A photograph of the interior of Trinity Church, looking towards the pulpit and altar. Low chandeliers are visible above the center aisle. A note handwritten on reverse reads: "K. Covell neg/Purchas...

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