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Punch Bowl
1700 – 1750

Tortoiseshell or "Whieldon" ware; lead glaze colored with brown and green spots in imitation of tortoiseshell.

Long format, one alphabet sequence, one number sequence, one verse, three border patterns. Stitches: queen, eyelet, cross, tent. Verse on back. Design similar to samplers by Sarah Baley and Elizabe...

circa 1755

Five holes on top of inkwell; cast decoration along sides. "T*S July the 27 1755". Scratched into surface of bottom, transcribed 1980, illegible 1992: "ABE/NEWPORT/DATE/1876". No documentation with...

Two alphabet sequences, one number sequence, no decorations, monochrome, done all in cross stitch.

Sampler with letters only, very small. Is made with either linen or silk thread on linen.

1880 – 1900

Cross stitched bookmark featuring a cross on top of a book. Made in Newport, RI.

1880 – 1900

Cross stitched bookmark featuring a cross topped by a crown, with two rows of cross stitch at top and bottom. Made in Newport, RI. made of silk cloth on punched paper with silk thread.

1880 – 1900

Bookmark featuring a beadwork cross on punched paper. Silver and gold beads, coverd by beige silk.

1880 – 1900

Needlework bookmark featuring a pilgrim chair with writing at the bottom. Made of silk cloth on punched paper with silk thread.

1880 – 1900

Needlework bookmark featuring an urn with flowers. Silk cloth on punched paper with wool thread.

Three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, done in green thread only, all in cross stitch.

circa 1820

Two alphabet sequences, one number sequence, variety of colors, all done in cross stitch.

1800 – 1820

One alphabet sequence, one verse, one border, all done in cross stitch with red thread.

Picture of George Washington, two views of the Washington Memorial, various scenes in the background. Made in Glasgow.

1800 – 1830

Theorem Painting of a basket of fruit.

Star-shaped pincushion with four points and tassels on the corners. Pins spell "Welcome Little Stranger 1838", on reverse the initials "FMS" can be seen. Reference: Swan "Plain And Fancy"

1785 – 1850

Mourning scene with tombstones, weeping willow and other trees.

01.180 AB
Pocket (bag)
1730 – 1780

Pear-shaped pockets with a braid along outer borders. Crewel embroidered flowers on front. Each pocket has a different floral design, "B" is more frayed than "A". Backing on both is deteriorating. ...

after 1700

Very small pin cushion with flame pattern; Irish stitch, done mostly in blues. Made in New England.

Purse made of merino on linen with Irish stitch in flame pattern, silk braid border, canvas shows through in spots. Made in New England.

Purse made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen with Irish stitch, pink flame pattern with blue also, green lining, pink binding. Made in New England.

circa 1876

Centennial souvenir with a picture of George Washington, two crossed flags, one verse, picture of a building located near a river and seven flags with an eagle on top.

Calendar with male and female figures, animals, boats, plants, and various dates. Calendar can be understood by reading the numbers under the first letter of the month for every month September thr...

circa 1900

Portrait painting of an unknown man, possibly William Bateman. Bust facing right, hazel eyes, red hair, bushy mustache, which is a lighter shade of red than hair on head. Black jacket and bow tie, ...

circa 1900

Portrait painting of R. Hammett Tilley. Oval bust length portrait; subject faces to the left; subject is a young man with reddish-brown hair dressed in white collared shirt with thin black bow tie,...

Half length portrait of Henry Marchant (1741-1796). Subject faces to left; dressed in white blouse with flared cuffs, pink jacket showing three buttons, and a gold-trimmed vest; holds right hand ov...

circa 1900

Portrait of William Seth Bateman. Bust length, facing left; short grey hair with receding hairline; also grey beard and mustache.

Portrait painting of an unknown male. Portrait is bust length, facing to the left, blond wavy hair, hazel eyes, black jacket and bow tie with brown vest and high stock collar.

Half-length portrait of an unknown female child. Subject sits in maroon chair and faces forward.  She has brown hair (pulled back) and brown eyes; hands are folded and resting on lap. Subject ...

Portrait of Edward Arnold Tayer (1774-1848). Half length portrait, subject faces to the right; wearing white blouse with high collar and ruffled chest; black jacket; appears to hold long, red stick...

Man and woman holding hands, standing on brown ground; the woman's face is hidden by a big white hat and she is wearing a long black and red dress with white trim; the man wears a black hat; small ...

Large painting of brown hillside on the bay; troop of soldiers on horses and several wounded; stone castle on the right with white flag and several figures at top; windmill at top of hill; single t...

Small tapering tweezers with ivory hinge.

18th century

Snuff or tobacco box with oval shape and engravings of christ on the cross. Hinge seems to have been repaired. Probably made in Holland or Germany. Marked with "Let Lyde Christi In Syn Sterve" en...

Tobacco box with oval-shaped, neoclassical style, bright-cut engraved urns, cartouches, and hearts. Marked with engraved initials "AM" (in script), very worn, on lid. Also, "I" (enclosed in a circl...

Coral and bells; whistle with ring at one end, coral teether at other end, row of six bells around middle of ornate shaft, decorates with chasing.

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