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Two hanging flower bowls in rococo style with gilded scroll banding; decorated with three panels filled with polychrome floral decoration. Made by Stevenson and Hancock, derby. Blue maker's marks.

Dish, Cheese
1850 – 1900

An Earthenware (Creamware) cheese dish with molded handles on pedestal. Ref: Alice Morse Earle, "China Collecting In America", P. 136; also "Antiques", Nov. 1975, P. 1000.

1880 – 1900

Cross stitched bookmark featuring a cross on top of a book. Made in Newport, RI.

1880 – 1900

Cross stitched bookmark featuring a cross topped by a crown, with two rows of cross stitch at top and bottom. Made in Newport, RI. made of silk cloth on punched paper with silk thread.

1880 – 1900

Bookmark featuring a beadwork cross on punched paper. Silver and gold beads, coverd by beige silk.

1880 – 1900

Needlework bookmark featuring a pilgrim chair with writing at the bottom. Made of silk cloth on punched paper with silk thread.

1880 – 1900

Needlework bookmark featuring an urn with flowers. Silk cloth on punched paper with wool thread.

1880 – circa 1920

Mahogany, chestnut, white pine desk with serpentine front, replaced (but probably old) brasses with George Washington bust, lid is veneered and supported by brass arcs. Probably made in Rhode Islan...

Statue of Oliver Hazard Perry by William G. Turner. Depicts Perry as young man going off to sea with belongings, hand stretched over head, faces right, windblown hair. Prototype for statue in Washi...

01.285 AB
1880 – 1900

Tea kettle and heating stand in Rococo style.

Painting, Miniature
circa 1850 – 1900

Unknown male with green eyes, reddish-brown hair falls in wisps across forehead, wearing black jacket, pink tinged shirt. Background is tones of pink and gold. Subject is facing right.
Metal ...

1863 – 1921

Head is made of bisque with light brown hair with braid across the top. Hair is human. Brown, stationary, glass eyes. Open mouth with two teeth. Ears are slightly pierced. The body is cloth with me...

1890 – 1920

Bisque shoulder head with painted blonde hair, seven spill curls, model ribbon. Face has painted blue eyes. Body is stuffed cloth with bisque arms, one missing. Doll is wearing a tucked cotton dres...

1890 – 1920

Bisque shoulder head with blonde painted hair in painted black snood and molded black pill box hair with molded red feather plume. Face has painted blue eyes, red eye liner. Body is stuffed cloth t...

1804 – 1924

Metal ramrod with puffy top from the Constitution, USN 1804-1924

Miniature photograph of John Henry Tilley (1831-1907). Light sepia-toned photo of a middle-aged man with a beard, receding hairline, brown coat and tie, white shirt. Copper color rim on a frame tha...

Beaded purse made of cloth with floral design of beads (red & blue flowers) with scene at bottom of woman feeding a sheep by a tree (on both sides); top fringed with light blue cloth.

1850 – 1899

Silver clip with ornate front; chatelaine has a small change purse, pin cushion, whistle, button hook, holder for knife or letter opener, penknife, perfume vials, and silver covered notepad. All el...

19th century

Brass fire engine lamp has 4 glass windows: 2 are blue glass and have frosted letters "rough & ready" over the numeral "2"; 1 is clear glass with diamond and floral design; 1 is red glass with ...

19th century

Brass fire engine lamp has 6 glass panels: 1 plain red glass; 1 red, 2 blue, and 2 clear glass. All with the same design. Two plain "coverings" above lamp. Bar under base.

Furniture, Doll
19th century

Wooden armchair, baluster-turned back, stretchers and legs, rush woven eat, white (ivory?). Knob in top middle of back.

1840 – 1899

Valentine featuring a young girl and boy holding hands under a horseshoe shaped arch that reads, "Love Remembrance." Underneath the arch is also a heart with an embossed pansy. Embossed small blue ...

1840 – 1899

On front of Valentine is a cherub holding a rose surrounded by paper cut lacework. Inside features a poem in gilded ink, "Fondly I love, but/ some strange spell/ Forbids my tongue/ its tale to tell...

1840 – 1899

Paper valentine with paper lace. The center of the card has an envelope that reads, "To the keeper of my heart." surrounded by pansies. A bird is atop the card sitting on her eggs, and at the botto...

1840 – 1899

Valentine with the front featuring paper lace and flowers. A woman's face appears through a circular cut out. The interior features a poem, and the full bust portrait of the woman. The poem entitle...

1840 – 1899

A Valentine poem entitled, "To Emily". The poem reads:
There's a dainty Maiden dwells In the city by the sea, Her eyes so bright, her teeth so white And when she smiles at me, My heart begins...

1840 – 1899

A paper lace heart Valentine with a star made from cut ribbons in the center. A bird appears at the top of the heart, and below it reads, "I live for thee alone" in a scroll.

1840 – 1899

Small heart shaped Valentine with fold out interiors that open into the shape of a clover. Each leaf of the fold out clover features a verse. The front pictures a rose with the words, "I request fa...

1850 – 1899

Unfinished chestnut wood gavel, raised double rings on head, delicate handle has 4 incised rings near end. Tag on gavel reads: "Mallet made many years ago by the late James Southwick, Esq., benefac...

1850 – 1917

Leather fireman's belt with black scalloped edging. "TORRENT" in white lettering. Decorative red, white, and black leatherwork around lettering. Topstitched in place. Metal buckle on one end. Leath...

1860 – 1900

Maroon porcelain pitcher on white ground; "Atlantic" printed in center of front and back; double twisted handle with gilding; shaped gold rim and spout.

Tongs, Serving
1880 – 1900

Silverplated tongs in the shape of claws. "Ocean House" is engraved on the side. Marked with "REED + BARTON 4"

1875 – 1925

Tan cross bar check and border, homespun linen kerchief or handkerchief. 23 square inches of same pattern as D200, except that 202 has 10 threads to the square and 200 has 8. Marked "E.A." in the c...

1875 – 1925

Indigo blue and white plaid kerchief or handkerchief. Made of homespun linen. 22.5 square inches. Marked in cross stitch "A.A."

19th century

Ink sketch of windmill. Very precise lines and details. Grassy surroundings with flowers, a mushroom and a toad.

Inscribed, "Sisson, Pentunan"

Fan, Brisé
19th century

Honey colored fan. Silt and Salmon pink decoration with pink ribbon. Brise, pierced sticks (horn or other translucent material). Gilt ornament of roses.

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