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Photograph of Loyal Order of Moose (L.O.O.M.) members standing on a set of steps. Painted signage behind the men reads "RESTAURANT."

Photograph of a print drawn by G. Wall: "State House, Newport" with small prints below-"Burning Of The Gaspee", "Sullivan's Retreat".

Photograph (Daguerreotype?) of a woman. Gold matting, red velvet trim. Flowers imprinted on the leather case.

Dagerreotype? of a man. God matting, red velvet trim. Half of brown leather case. Imprinted floral design on leather case.

Dagerreotype? of a woman. Gold matting, velvet trim, half of brown leather case. Imprinted design on leather case.

Small brown wooden box with an elaborate design - a bee hive in the center. Inside is a red velvet lining with a design. Opposite side is a young woman's portrait wth a gold colored border.

Photograph of a seated baby. Gold colored frame with a stand. Gold metal bow at the top of the frame.

Large "button" shaped circular photograph mounted on a circular shaped piece of metal. Portrait of a woman wearing a beaded neck piece.

Gold-colored frame with a portrait of a female (left) and a portrait of a male (right). Light pink fabric matte.

Photo on metal image of a man with words across bottom.

Gold colored frame, decorated. Image of a man, back is stamped "Daguereotypes, Ambrotypes and Photographs by L.B. Howard."

Broken piece of white glass with an image of the Bishop Whitehouse.

Color photograph of George Way Swinburne. Dark wood frame, gold trim and gold name plate at the bottom.

Black and white photograph of an older woman wearing a bonnet, sitting in a rocking chair, and sewing. She is seated next to a fire place.

Broadway, looking north from Bull Street. Electric street car in front of city hall.

Green End Bridge, Honyman Hill, Middletown. Earthworks of Green End Fort in foreground.

Cliff Walk tunnel, near Rough Point, looking north. "RockCliff" and "Ocean View" on left.

Harbor and Long Wharf, looking east.

One Mile Corner, looking north.

Fire Across from Thompson School, Broadway

Photo of the Cliffs of Narragansett Avenue

Clarence Stanhope photograph of the Casino

Clarence Stanhope photograph of the Casino courtyard

Aerial view of Fort Adams. Copyright John Hopf.

Aerial view of Fort Adams.

Four friends enjoying the 1954 Jazz Festival

Photograph of Dizzy Gillespie and his band performing at the Newport Casino during the 1954 Newport Jazz Festival.

Jazz performer speaking with a man and woman- Newport Jazz Festival 1954

Aerial view of musical festival at Fort Adams. Copyright John Hopf.

Aerial view of Newport Jazz Festival. Copyright John Hopf.

Coastal view of Fort Adams-sailboat in upper right corner.

A view of soldiers at Fort Adams with artillery; several men have swords raised. Handwritten text on reverse reads: "Interior View of/Fort Adams/Newport/R.I.". Back is also stamped with the followi...

Aerial view of the Newport Jazz Festival at Fort Adams. Photograph is undated.

Fort Adams- interior wall

Aerial view of Fort Adams. Photograph is undated.

Ground view- Fort Adams

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