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Pine shuttle for loom; pointed at ends with curved staples to fit over ends; rectangular cut-out area with an opening that is also rectangular shaped; small hole in side; has been shaped on either ...

Pine knitting needle; smooth shaft pointed at one end, knob at other end. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Rectangular piece of pine with thirty six pegs and twenty one holes where missing pegs should be.

Rectangular woven basket with two small handle slots on each end. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Pewter lamp with round base, turned stick, and egg shaped oil and wick receptacle; hole in top for wick; wick receptacle has tiny grooves around its outside. Marked on bottom of base "R. Gleason", ...

Hogscraper candlestick; round base; straight stick with slot for mechanism to raise and lower candle (lever is missing).

Two tuned metal fork with wooden handle; handle has metal cap end.

Two tined fork; bone handle; small nail in center and metal cap end.

Two-tined metal fork;bone handle with metal cap end. From Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House.

Two-tined fork; wood handle with metal cap end. From Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House.

Iron pot with two earlike handles extending off rim. Pot tapers downward slightly. Lid with small handle at the top. Lid overlaps top of pot slightly with cutouts for handles. 

Three short legs; round iron bowl with short lip.

Straw broom held together by four areas of wound string; attached to broomstick by one nail; wooden broomstick with hole and rawhide knotted through hole.

Large iron fork; two tines; handle leads from tines and gradually turns from flat and thin to flat and wide; end in hook for hanging.

Flat shovel; round handle; handle ends in round knob.

Large iron fork; tines are of one piece and are attached to handle with a screw and are moveable; long round iron handle flattens near end and ends in a loop to hang

Large wooden spoon; flat handle on top, rounded on bottom; knotched at handle's bottom end.

Tin ladle attached to wood handle; three grooves on handle that ends in a point.

Unpainted oak wooden ladle with round scoop and long, thin handle ending in a point; one piece design.

Round coconut shell ladle with pewter rim; long maple wooden handle attached to ladle with pewter shaft; handle has turned and pointed end with a leather loop around end. From the Wanton-Lyman-Haza...

Small scoop with attached loop handle; one piece scoop and receptacle attached to handle base.

Tin flour scoop with long handle. Separate curved area for scooping: fixed onto enclosed receptacle. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Carving knife with metal blade and bone handle. Made in Sheffield. Marked with 'Ashton and Jackson Sheffield' on blade.

Black hogscraped candlestick; round base; lever to raise and lower candle; turned metal ring around stick; flared receptacle.

Yellow glazed earthenware canister: lip and ridge on top for a missing cover. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Round Earthenware brown glaze pie plate; bottom is of a tan glaze.

Iron poker with decorative turned brass knob handle.

Fireplace shovel with turned brass knob handle; long iron handle ends in shovel.

Round wooden handle; woven brush fastened in three places with heavy string and ending in loose, round broom.

Rectangular splint basket.

Turned stick; square base with petal design. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Chippendale style mirror; frame is maple; decorative carved piece above mirror is mahogany.

Flow blue bowl; blue and white floral design on outside and inside edge. Inside bowl in center is a scene of a large house, stream with swans and trees; white base.

Four legged pine quilt stand; triangular shape; four stretchers; curved top; fastened by nails.

Man's knickers; off white color; button fly front with ivory buttons; four belt loops; one front slit pocket; two back slit pockets with buttons; buckle in back; inseam patch extending to backside;...

Light colored round leather case; brass nails adorn case and hold it together; darker leather adds decoration and reinforces closure; two iron handles on sides; blue and white design paper lines in...

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