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Coastal view of Fort Adams-sailboat in upper right corner.

A view of soldiers at Fort Adams with artillery; several men have swords raised. Handwritten text on reverse reads: "Interior View of/Fort Adams/Newport/R.I.". Back is also stamped with the followi...

Aerial view of the Newport Jazz Festival at Fort Adams. Photograph is undated.

Fort Adams- interior wall

Aerial view of Fort Adams. Photograph is undated.

Ground view- Fort Adams

Undated copy print of a group of soldiers at Fort Adams.

Interior artillery storage at Fort Adams.

Dirt road leading up to Fort Adams. There is a carriage on the road leading up to a barn.

Soldiers behind artillery at Fort Adams. 

Stereoview of Fort Adams interior ca. 1860

Undated copy print of a squadron under fire by 'XVin guns'.

Undated photographic print of artillery in formation, with gun carriages. 

Postcard of Fort Adams, with a number of soldiers in view. 

A matted photograph depicting a group of soldiers standing near an exterior wall at Fort Adams. A cannon is visible at foreground.

Undated photographic print of a soldier in uniform with a cannon in the background. Cannon is identified as "the Sunset Gun."

Interior of Fort Adams.

Interior of Fort Adams.

Interior of Fort Adams.

Interior of Fort Adams.

Photographic print of eight soldiers in military uniform at Fort Adams, posing in front of artillery. 

Fort Adams Interior.

Fort Adams-entrance to the interior.

Colonel Chamberlaine and Mrs. Rose

Undated copy print of the Fort Adams barracks.

Undated copy photograph of Fort Adams, showing non-commissioned officers homes.

Copy print of 'Old Fort Adams', RI.

Portrait of Henry Audley Clarke

Portrait of M. Littlefield

Photographic Postcard of the Old Stone Mill.

Close-up of music store on Thames Street. Possibly 201 Thames Street.

Photo of E.S. Peckham Coal & Ice Company. Photo shows trucks and three men in front of building. Address was 411 Thames Street.

B&W photo of two men on the docks near Peckham Coal Co.

B&W photo of E.S. Peckham Pure Ice Coal & Ice Co. Photo shows truck and coal pile.

Photo of Addie Peckham of 4 Division Street. Married Alfred Manchester of Portsmouth, who became minister of Unitarian Church Salem, Mass.

Black and white photo of Joel Peckham. Produced by Holloway on the corner of Thames and Marlboro Streets, Newport, R.I.

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