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Knife, Oyster
20th century

Oyster knife, commercially made, turned wooden handle (unfinished), with narrow forged steel blade, copper ferrule. Used for shucking oysters.

20th century

Loose scrapbook pages annotated by Samuel Honey (unconfirmed.) Photographs include Fort Adams in 1865, and the following families: Honey, Griswold, McCarty, Bedlow, and Cross. Includes a short stor...

Black and white photo of the corner of School Street and Touro Street. Image shows the Turner House on the corner, rounded curb, and cobblestoned street.

Yellowed photograph of the original Rogers High School on Broadway. Image shows the front of the building with a flagpole and men standing on the curb.

Black and white aerial photo of the Cliff Walk showing Rosecliff, Beechwood, and the Getrude Whitney stufio.

Black and white photo of Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont in later lears. Subject is facing camera with body slightly turned to his right. Subject is wearing a dark textured jacket, white shirt, and d...

1950 – 1999

Fourty brass Mt. Hope bridge tokens wrapped in a white paper roll. One side of token reads 'one fare passenger car or motorcycle'. The other side of token reads 'Mt. Hope Bridge Division', an ancho...

Print, Photographic
circa 1950 – 2000

An aerial photograph depicting Hopedene (built 1899-1902) and its grounds. The house is comprised of dormers, balustrades, a brick exterior, square and arched windows with shutters, and a half-circ...

circa 1960 – 1991

Scrapbook possibly compiled by Elaine Lorillard. Items were not adhered to the pages, but interleaved between. Items were removed from the scrapbook and cataloged separately. The scrapbook was disp...

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Black and white reflective sign angled in at bottom, reads "Stop Pay Toll". From the Newport Bridge,

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Road sign reading "Speed Limit 40". From the Newport Bridge.

1969 – 1992

Orange and white stripped toll gate, tapered.

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Metal rectangular sign with Newport Bridge logo and arrow to direct traffic. Black, blue and white road sign. Referred to as trail markers.

Toll basket from Newport bridge. Semicircular plastic basket with hole at bottom to allow token to fall into machine.

Image of the Jamestown Bridge with Roger Palmer and Ann Valley.

Image of the Jamestown Bridge with three girders.

Image of the Jamestown Bridge during construction.

1990 – 2000

Minimally processed collection of photographic material including: 2 photographs, one features Eileen Slocum, and another with Nuala Pell 91 slides of portraits of various Newporters and Rose Isla...

Series of 28 35mm color transparency slides of various Newport locations and scenes, all identified, including Hammersmith Farm, Castle Hill, the Newport Casino, and Dave Brubeck in concert at Newp...

circa 1990

A postcard depicting the Gothic Ballroom at Belcourt Castle. Copyright John Hopf.

circa 1990

Medium white heavy cotton t-shirt; blue, yellow and orange emblem on front reads: 'Muriel's chowder hall of fame'. Design on back of shirt 'Muriel's, award winning seafood chowder coast to coast';...

Metal rectangular box with LCD screen above a 4x4 grid of buttons labeled with numbers and letters. The box is held on a u-shaped stand attached with black plastic knobs. There are three jacks (2 h...

Toy, Car
circa 1990

Plastic model/bank of Bonanza Bus lines bus. Black plastic painted silver, red and white. Paper Bonanza decals along sides, back and front. 5 moving wheels. There is a small slot on top of bus for ...

A photographic portrait of Mrs.Gladys Carr Bolhouse ("Curator of Manuscripts") in the Newport Historical Society's library. A shelving unit with books, a card catalog, and a telephone are visible i...

'Freedom Independence' sailboat on the water.

Print, Photographic
September 27 1990

Photograph of the Kaiser Aluminum Tower in Portsmouth.

Print, Photographic
September 27 1990

Photograph showing Kaiser aluminum plant in Portsmouth, with the harbor in background, trees and tall building in foreground.

Print, Photographic
November 11 1990

Image of the Jamestown Bridge with bridge leaves section.

Concert Program
December 2 1990

Program for Swanhurst Chorus' performance, Christmas 1990. The cover is printed in red, featuring angels with horns hovering above a concert audience.

December 2 1990

Swanhurst Chorus performance poster for a Christmas Concert, Sunday December 2, 1990.

Bright blue souvenir t-shirt; white logo: "I Did Bob in Rhode Island/Hurricane Bob Summer '91".

Model of mayflower moving van. Cab is plastic over metal frame with chrome-painted grille, vertical exhaust, horns, lights. Plastic wheels. Van section has metal cargo van, mayflower logo on sidewa...

82 color transparencies captured by William H. Leys during the restoration of the Brick Market building in 1991- 1992, under the auspices of the Brick Market Foundation. Images focus on restoration...

circa 1991

Tri-fold brochure for The Japan-America Society of Rhode Island. Cover features a block of blue with Japanese symbols for friendship and goodwill in white. The interior of the brochure describes th...

January 5 1991

Swanhurst Chorus performance poster for a Twelfth Night Celebration featuring the Tale of the Firebird.

Four architectural drawings of the Brick Market located in Washington Square. The four drawings include a schematic designs of the north elevation, building sections, east and west elevations and ...

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