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D238 B
19th century

Gray silk fringed Quaker shawl, square. Attached tag reads 'Quaker Shawl, Rebecca Collins, D238 B'

19th century

Shawl with red center. Red, green, yellow and brown border. Ends of shawl are large colorful bands with two large yellow paisleys (Persian in design). Ticket reads, "Rescued from the great Chicago ...

19th century

Quaker dove gray, satin shawl with narrow fringe.

19th century

Scarlet wool shawl with persian border. Evidently a shawl cut from a scarf about 19 inches wide. Part fo border appliqued.

19th century

Ribbed, olive gray colored silk shawl with fringe. Possibly Quaker.

19th century

White china crepe shawl, possibly Quaker, Chinese netted fringe.

19th century

An ivory shawl, most likely wool, with a woven border. Border is comprised of a Paisley design (repeating boteh shapes in red, green, and gray).

19th century

Gray shawl identified as Quaker shawl belonging to Rebecca Collins of Philadelphia (Mrs. Jonathon Knight). Shawl has green tint and 1 1/4 in. fringe on all sides. Two edges are selvage and two are ...

Sewing Needle
1800 – 1875

Flat, tapered, shaft with an eye, a notch, and two grooves. Eskimo origins, not whaling.

19th century

Small, round plate with small indentation after the border; center motif is of two boats and mountains in the background; inside edge of the broder is scalloped.

1800 – 1870

Carved from a solid piece of ivory, elliptical-shaped handle, inscribed with seven bands, short, flat blade. Stuart Frank 11/04/2009: Identified as panbone, not ivory as originally cataloged. Se...

Sepia photograph of a man and elephant at Gray Craig in Middletown. A dog, horse, and outbuilding are also visible.

Black and white photo of the actress Charlotte Cushman. Front of photo reads: "Collection of Frederick H. Meserve/N.Y." Image shows Charlotte looking right with her hand on a book. She is wearing ...

Sepia toned family photograph of the Joseph S. Cushman family. Image shows five family members in 19th century dress. Reverse of photo: :"LUDOVICI'S/PHOTOGRAPHIC AND/CRAYON STUDIOS./JULIUS LUDOVIC...

Sepia photograph of Charlotte Cushman House, Rhode Island Avenue. Corner of Catherine Street. Image shows the house with dirt lane and fence.

Black and white photo of Franklin Street, numbers 41-45 (41 no longer standing). Photo shows two buildings with a sign on 43 Franklin that says "THE HOME BAKERY" and a "FOR SALE" sign. There is a h...

Black and white photo of Easton's Beach. Photo shows a horse and carriage on the beach with two women sitting in the foreground. People are shown in the water and along the shore. Late 19th cent...

Black and white photo of the entrance to Easton's Beach. Photo shows the building entrance, horse and carriage, and people in 19th century dress.

Black and white photo of carriage and horse at Easton's Beach. Photo shows entrance to beach and people gathered in groups, late 19th century dress.

Black and white photo of pavilion at Easton's Beach. Photo shows men and women in 19th century dress walking along the sidewalk with the entrance to the beach in the background. "AT EASTON'S BEACH...

Sepia toned photo of Seacliffe from George Mason's "Newport and Its Cottages."

Black and white print of Washington Square depicting people, trees, carriages, and the Colony House.

Sepia photo of 62 Washington Street, home of Jane Stuart.

19th century

Black and white sketch of the Colony House by E.B. Price. Image depicts people in front of the Colony House with trees in foreground. Front of image reads "The COLONY HOUSE 1739-1776: The STATE H...

Six porcelain soup plates with Nanking border and oriental motif in the center; wide rims and scalloped edges.

Six porcelain dinner size plates with Nanking border and oriental motif in center.

14 porcelain dessert/salad plates with Nanking border, oriental motifs in the center and scalloped edges; thin porcelain.

Twelve porcelain bread and butter size plates w/ scalloped edge, Nanking border and oriental design in the center.

43.1.2 AB
19th century

Two soft-paste porcelain plates with white with gold notched around rim; flower arrangement in center; orange, purple, yellow, blue and pink flowers with green leaves; other flower sprigs scattered...

Clay pipe with original reed stem. The bowl of the pipe features a ribbed pattern. Item was discovered on top of a beam in the attic of the Colony House during renovations in late December 2013.

A view of Lake's Corner from the north side of Broadway, including pedestrians, horses, and cariages. 

Mounted studio photograph of an unknown bearded man. Studio is printed on bottom left of recto: Leavitt. Address is printed as: 126 Bellevue Ave., Newport RI. 

19th century

Black-and-white photograph depicting the Travers Block on Bellevue Avenue in Newport. Horse drawn carriages are in the street. Shopfront signs include "J. Krakauer Ladies' Tailor & Hatter," "im...

Cream colored silk satin petticoat. 5 3/4 in. pleated ruffle at hem. Machine stitched. Pinked seam allowances. Gored panels. Longer in back than front. Meant to be worn over bustle. Closes in back ...

Brown china silk crepe with damask figure. Border at bottom; quilting follows woven desgin. Lined with brown and white check cotton. Wadded with lamb's wool. R.T. Briggs believes petticoats of this...

Quilted petticoat in rose beige light wool, fancy weave. Lined in India calico, small palonette pattern in borwn on white.

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