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Child's long white apron. Short sleeved with tucks along the waist and some detail on the sleeves and bodice. Tie closure at back, open skirt. Ruffles down the sides of the skirt.

J.T. O'Connell apron made of a plain weave canvas. Screen printed in black, "J.T. O'Connell, Inc./89 Long Wharf/Newport, R.I./Tel. 846-2220/Lumber & Hardware".

Undated copy of an architectural plan, showing stair and landing details of the Pitt's Head Tavern, currently located at 77 Bridge street.

Undated copy of an architectural plan, showing the first and second floors of the Pitt's Head Tavern, currently located at 77 Bridge street. Photograph was captured by Thomas T. Benson for Operatio...

Undated copy of an architectural plan, showing the front entrance of the Pitt's Head Tavern, currently located at 77 Bridge street. 

White armband with red cross.

White fabric square with red cross in center. 

White quartz arrowhead with specks of orange and gray. Triangular shaped. Head is dull. Bottom corners are still relatively sharp.

Native American arrowheads from Island cemetery.

Ascot featuring a multi-color printed paisley motiff. The background is black with off-white, yellow, green and red paisley. The back of the ascot is a solid black satin.

Blue and white porcelain ashtray. Tray is decorated around the edges as well as with an image of a house on the beach in the center.

Sheer baby's bonnrt with embroidered flower fabric.

Silver policeman's badge. Oval base inscribed "Newport Police." raised six-point star in center inscribed "1639." brass pin and clasp on verso.

Police badge in brass, elongated 6-pointed star, inscribed in oval center: "New port/ Police/ 1638". Pin attached to verso; clasp missing.

Silver marshal's badge, five-point star inscribed "City Marshall/Newport/1639." pin and clasp missing.

Small oval police badge, made of brass with pin attached to back. Stamped with "NewPort Police, 1638."

Badge with red and blue background, gold trim, two overlapping gold tridents. From Harbor Defense Of Narragansett Bay.

Round badge, blue background, white star with red circle in center. Star is enclosed by gold circle and flanked by gold wings. From 8th Air Force, served in Europe and Pacific.

Square badge, blue background, gold eagle, white star with red circle above eagle. From 4th (?) Air Force Continental US.

A U.S. Navy badge with a white ground and blue embroidery; most likely belonged to Alfred Bryan. Badge is probably intended for a sleeve, and signifies a rank of Petty Officer Second Class. Insigni...

A tally with "U.S. NAVAL AIR STATION" woven in yellow. Evidence of needle holes and thread at each end (unfinished edges). Most likely was once attached to a wool "flat hat" for use in a navy unifo...

A Newport, R.I. silvered tin police badge with city seal and "Special" stamped on bottom. Front reads: "Newport Police, Special, Settled 1639." Back reads: "D. Reese, 57 Warren Street, N.Y."

A Portsmouth Police constable's badge. Attached with a pin on reverse.

White metal fireman's badge, traditional shape; raised letters. Embossed with "Fire/Department/Newport/R.I." at top; number "2" cut out in center; "Engineman" engraved at bottom.

Pin and pendant joined by a white & brown ribbon. The top pin has an image of the old stone mill, a flame, and the words 'Washington #4 K.T." and 'Newport, RI'; hanging from the ribbon is a c...

Handstitched peapod shaped bag with brown body and pink box pleated strip and bias binding as trim. The bag also has short pink fabric wrapped handles. The brown body of the bag appears to be print...

White painted silk bag with lace trim around sides and bottom. Print is of bunches of flowers in pastel colors, drawstrings are pale green silk ribbon about an inch wide with picat edge. Other side...

A bag made of an ivory, pink, and gray striped plain weave fabric. Bag has a semicircular flap fastened by a loop over a pink button. Ivory piping on edges. Lined with an ivory plain weave fabric. ...

Pair of white silk flat ballet slippers, square toes, two thin long ribbon ties on each slipper, bow on each shoe. Small round, open work ornament in the middle of the bow.

A "Democratic Ticket" listing candidates for the Rhode Island General Assembly, including state senators and representatives. Text below title reads: " 'The Right of Trial by Jury shall remain/invi...

A printed list of candidates for "REPRESENTATIVES To THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY," Rhode Island. Text is surrounded by a geometric border.

A) is a rectangular shaped wooden box with a 1.25" hole in the top. B) is a drawer with a metal knob on one side of box, on opposite side is a flat wood handle. 32 clay balls, 2 amber colored non-c...

Clown has blue cap with red point; white face and red eyebrows, cheeks, mouth and blue eyes; red vest with yellow buttons, collar & belt; blue sleeves and knickers with yellow wrist fringe and ...

"Monkey Bank" in gold letters. Monkey is dressed in yellow jacket, red pants, black & red hat, and holds coin in mouth. Puts coin into organ grinder's box when lever is pulled. Organ grinder i...

Gray elephant has blue and gold blanket under red chair on its back, red strap reaches all the way around. Coin goes from elephant's trunk to front of seat when tail is pulled. See also #01.937, #0...

"Trick Dog" on base. Clown holds hoop; dog holds coin in mouth, jumps through hoop and drops coin into well. Black metal - clown has remnants of red and gold paint on hat, face, buttons and boots; ...

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