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Turned brass andirons.

Painted black; sloping top; two iron handles on sides; iron fixtures on sides; iron lock fixture. marked with "M A H" on top in yellow.

Brass andirons; turned posts; two feet ending in balls; one decorative peg is missing.

Brass andirons; turned; ball feet.

Reproduction wooden peg doll; painted face; white hair; blue and white dress. Made in the US.

Walnut doll cradle; carved rail.

Bed wrench/rope key with round handle through the top and curved cut-out in bottom; chamfered corners. Made of oak.

Pine firkin, painted a light green or gray color; has cover and handle. Removed from display January 8, 1993. Gift was given via Mrs. Henry Manuel on behalf of the Spooner family.

Square tin box with wood frame; frame has turned spindles; tin box has circle and heart design on all four sides; small door in front opens to show tin tray inside; wire handle.

Round butter stamp with a handle and a floral/leaf design. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Butter stamp mechanism that is worked by a plunger. On the actual stamp is a flower design. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Pair of andirons that have a flat, rounded, saucer top; six hooks graduating in size from top to bottom; separate top hook curves over and down. Holds # W 1974.34.1

Low back Captain's chair made of oak and maple; sixteen spindles; one spindle is missing; saddle seat; turned legs and stretchers.

Spit with a curved handle; pointed end; thirteen holes on stem. In 1989 spit was placed on W 1974.38.1.

Iron spatula; hole in handle; handle is both flat and round.

Wooden case covered in black leather; handle on top; black painted brass nails hold the case together; leather strap fastened by brass nails serves as hinges; lock in front; green, brown, and pink ...

Iron is bent and twisted to hold two slices of bread; to sit on hearth.

Three legged kettle; mis-shapen handle; no cover.

Oak bed wrench/rope key with round handle through top; rectangular piece cut out of bottom; initials 'P' and 'B' alternating on all four sides; partially burned near top.

Pie crimper or pastry jigger: a grooved wheel with handle. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Pine folding bed; rope springs; six legs; joint on second set of legs; turned legs; simple headboard.

Miniature demijohn; glass bottle covered in wicker; two handles on sides; brown bottle. Made in Jamaica.

Watercolor sketch of brick tombs of Richard and Samuel ward; graveyard with green trees and white gravestones. Marked with: 'M. Wilson' on back. 'Brick tomb of Hon. Richard Ward Esq. 1630-1763, Gov...

three legged; long handle; circular revolving grate; t-shaped foundation.

Pewter pot; turned handle; hinged top with oval finial; spout has grooved design.

Maple chair with bow back Windsor arm chair painted black; slightly resembles a Captain's chair'; 13 spindles; front spindles, legs and stretcher are turned; saddle seat.

Brass candlestick with wide square base and turned stick; flat round lip on receptacle.

Yellow glaze mixing bowl; four semi-circle grooves around bottom base.

Four round wooden spools of various sizes. From Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house. 

Spool with a round top and a stick that gradually decreases in width; has a metal hook in the top, a tiny accompanying paddle (attached by string) and a small stone wrapped in string (was once also...

A spool with a metal stick and round wood fixtures. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

w134.1 is a maple wooden column: one end is a wide flat circle, the other end is round and pointed; there are three thin grooves in the center of the shaped column. w134.2 is a pine wooden object w...

Pine shuttle for loom: two pointed ends with metal staples, rectangular cut-out center with an open cut-out inside, inside of cut-out slopes down to opening.

Pine shuttle for loom; pointed at ends with curved staples to fit over ends; rectangular cut-out area with an opening that is also rectangular shaped; small hole in side; has been shaped on either ...

Pine knitting needle; smooth shaft pointed at one end, knob at other end. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Rectangular piece of pine with thirty six pegs and twenty one holes where missing pegs should be.

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