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1875 – 1950

Square, cream-colored shawl with 8 inch knotted fringe on all sides. Satin weave forms pattern on tabby ground. Edges of shawl folded under with fringe knotted through fold. 

1800 – 1830

Rectangular yellow and cream shawl. Yellow warps and wefts create decorative borders. Majority of shawl is a cream, floral and striped, tone-on-tone pattern. Pattern difficult to see. "MET" embroid...

19th century

Small, square shawl embroidered in gold thread. Scalloped edges and laurel branches in corners.

19th century

Sheer muslin shawl embroidered in silver thread. Embroidery consists of scalloped edges, scattered dots across the majority of the ground, and sprigs and flowers at shorter ends. 

19th century

Yellowed muslin shawl embroidered with small chain stitch embroidered with small a small floral pattern. Three edges finished with 1/2 in. wide hems. One edge selvage. Shawl pieced from two separat...

19th century

Scarlet wool shawl with persian border. Evidently a shawl cut from a scarf about 19 inches wide. Part fo border appliqued.

19th century

An ivory shawl, most likely wool, with a woven border. Border is comprised of a Paisley design (repeating boteh shapes in red, green, and gray).

19th century

Gray shawl identified as Quaker shawl belonging to Rebecca Collins of Philadelphia (Mrs. Jonathon Knight). Shawl has green tint and 1 1/4 in. fringe on all sides. Two edges are selvage and two are ...

19th century

Ribbed, olive gray colored silk shawl with fringe. Possibly Quaker.

19th century

White china crepe shawl, possibly Quaker, Chinese netted fringe.

Off-white shawl. Swiss dotted tulle trimmed in machine lace on lower edge. Lace has shamrock motif. Unusual shaping and collar together with existing damage suggests that is was most likely attache...

Pink lace shawl. 3 1/2 in. lace trim sewn to main piece of lace. Trim has scalloped edges. Main body of lace has a lozenge-like pattern.

Black wool shawl with black yarn fringe around three sides.

Grey/tan silk shawl with white woven border and grey/tan silk fringe.

Large black silk shawl with overlay plaid pattern. Intricate fringe on all four sides with a knotted pattern.

Black silk shawl with black silk fringe on the shorter sides.

Black silk shawl with border of white, gray, and black paisley.

A black lace (or lace-like) shawl. Needlework is constructed around wrapped piping or wire. Overall effect is an abstract floral design with irregular edges. Shawl becomes wider towards center and ...

Large, dark green wool shawl with 3 in. long tied fringe on two edges. Other two edges are selvage. Twill weave. 

A shawl with a black sateen ground and additional figures woven in green, yellow, orange, and pink. These figures form a textured floral pattern with leaves, flowers, and additional geometric shape...

Brown/green drab-colored shawl. Twill weave with white decorative stripe 1/2 in. wide around borders. Two edges selvage, other two unfinished with minor fraying. Upper PL taken to be corner with ta...

Golden brown silk shawl with narrow fringe. Possibly Quaker.

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