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Gored cotton petticoat. Possibly a sateen weave. Pale blue in color. 4 3/4 in. cartridge pleated ruffle around hem. Fullness concentrated in back. Tapes in waist to hang. Hook and eye closure at wa...

White cotton petticoat, 5" up from hem are eyelets and embroidery, four vertical bands above this.

1875 – 1900

Cream lightweight wool petticoat with machine embroidered design around hem. Embroidery done after hem was turned up. Cotton waistband with 5/8 in. mother of pearl button. Waist gathered in back ne...

Long white infant's petticoat made from nainsook. Wide waistband made of linen. Trimming is made of fine machine tucks.

circa 1865

Green petticoat in cambric or silicia, pleats at waist.

Cream colored silk satin petticoat. 5 3/4 in. pleated ruffle at hem. Machine stitched. Pinked seam allowances. Gored panels. Longer in back than front. Meant to be worn over bustle. Closes in back ...

1800 – 1900

Light brown heathered wool petticoat with brown machine-embroidered hem. Glazed twill cotton waistband. Gathered evenly around waist. 5/8 in. mother of pearl button at waist. Hem turn up is selvage...

Cream colored two-piece evening dress with bertha and petticoat. Bodice A, Skirt B, Bertha C, petticoat D. Petticoat made of same ruffled tulle as decoration on bodice and bertha collar.

19th century

Black petticoat with a moire-like finish. Tiered ruffles around the hem. Outermost layer is flounced lace with a floral pattern. The lace varies in width from 12 1/2 in. to 7 3/4 in. Second layer i...

Quilted petticoat in rose beige light wool, fancy weave. Lined in India calico, small palonette pattern in borwn on white.

Brown silk quilted petticoat. Lined with a purple checked fabric. Waist is a crude casing sewn with multiple, different colored threads. Black 1/4 in. woven trim used to gather waist. Main body of ...

Brown china silk crepe with damask figure. Border at bottom; quilting follows woven desgin. Lined with brown and white check cotton. Wadded with lamb's wool. R.T. Briggs believes petticoats of this...

Plain white petticoat of fine striped dimity, two inch ruffle of white cotton at bottom.

Embroidered petticoat, matches 2018.028.008

Pink petticoat. Woven doublecloth to imitate quilting and trapunto. Lozenge pattern on main part of skirt and trapunto-like floral border around hem. 

Unbleached hoop petticoat. Linen and split reed or over 3 groups hoops, placket holes padded with wool ovver hips. Tapes which will tie petticoat in oval form.

Blue silk quilted petticoat lined with homespun linen. Border design of tulips, carnations and leaves.

Child's long petticoat. White, linen fabric with opening at the waist. Simple stitched border approximately six inches above the hemline.

Plain white floor length petticoat with lace trim. Pink ribbon is woven through diamond pattern made with lace and plain weave. Closure at waist features a tie and one button. Found in suitcase, FI...

A white petticoat, possibly cotton, with two tiers of ruffles at hem. Edge of hem has a white needlework border. Shirt is gathered into a three inch waistband, which is fastened with two fabric-cov...

A white petticoat, most likely cotton, with a pleated hen and gathered waistband. Hem has five rows of horizontal pleats, and is finished with a 3.75" panel and ruffle. Skirt is gathered into cartr...

A quilted white petticoat. Pleats at waistband; quilting begins about seven inches below waistband. Design shifts from a simple diamond pattern to a more complex serpentine pattern towards hem. Han...

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