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A postcard depicting Arden Hall, Auchincloss Gymnasium, "The Old School," and King Hall at St. George's School, Middletown. Published by the Detroit Publishing Company.

25.5.3 AB
1850 – 1865

White muslin sleeves with tight wristbands. Narrow scalloped cuff.

Fan, Hand
circa 1840

Whish style fan in white with a blue bow. Made with feathers and a wooden handle.

1836 – 1846

Wadded bonnet in violet silk, lined in pink, with pink plaid ribbon.

circa 1835

White embroidered linen infant's cap.

circa 1835

Infant's cap made of white embroidered India muslin

Raised embroidered infant's cap, little dots with border design and flowers. On top is a circle with flower in it. Lacy net trim. Ties from front. Ties attached have a little bow on each side.

Cotton infant's cap with leafy kind of embroidery. Embroidery around edge is made of net material. Big design in center of back of cap - floral leaf design, tiny eyelet design throughout cap.

Infant's cap in white embroidered linen. Both cut and needlework characteristic of first quarter century.


White embroidered muslin collar. Very wide shoulders; long lappets in front with pointed scallops.

1830 – 1840

White, embroidered India muslin. Cut like D116, but larger in size and more embroidery. Might fit adult.

Embroidered muslin collar with pointed scalloped edges.

circa 1820

Brown silk parasol with brown silk fringe at the center and around the edge. Carved ivory handle that folds and an ivory ring at the top. Eight ribs of wood with ivory tips. Ivory handle has a gre...

Fan, Brisé
19th century

Honey colored fan. Silt and Salmon pink decoration with pink ribbon. Brise, pierced sticks (horn or other translucent material). Gilt ornament of roses.

circa 1790

Calash bonnet in green silk. Similar to D239. Bridle is missing.

Brise Fan
1700 – 1780

Carved ivory fan with white ribbon comprised of twenty-one sticks. Marked with note: "Ivory fan brought by Gov. Wm H. Cooke from China, probably before the Revolution. He was the first Gov. of Rhod...

Ornamental tortoise shell hair comb. Comb has a vine pattern along the top edge with a zigzag around the outside. The comb is in two pieces with a clean break down the middle.

Tortoise shell hair comb. Comb has a curved edge with circles along it. Circles are increasing in size to the center and then decreasing in size. Worn by Elizabeth Harkins Brewer.

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