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1858 – 1859

"Tyer" type pinafore. Pink printed cotton, calico, apron with long sleeves, belted back. Meant for a child. Made by Mrs. George Spencer in about 1858.

1855 – 1856

White linen short sleeve shirt with lace edge around sleeves and neck. Very small buttons on shoulders. Worn by Edward L. Spencer, made by Mrs. George Spencer about 1855.

Plain white cotton infant's cap. Two drawstrings at top of cap, one at nap of neck. Strings that would tie under chin are missing.

White infant's cap with cross-bar dimity; double ruffle around the face.

Cotton infant's cap with tiny eyelets all over it. Three lines on front of cap. In center there is an embroidered. Flower with points like a star bordering it. Strings in front of cap.

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